Never Late, Never Away Chapter 698

The phone rang for a long while but nobody picked up, making Vivian extremely nervous again. Come on, pick up!

“This is the Morrisons. Who is this?” Somebody finally picked up the call.

“Lily, it’s me. Is Ben home?” Vivian immediately asked for Benedict when she realized that it was one of the servants who had picked up.

“Mr. Morrison has gone on a business trip to Beskary. What’s the matter, Ms. Morrison? Do you need me to give him a call?” Lily answered respectfully.

“He’s out of the country!” Vivian felt helpless. There is nobody else I know who can help in the country. What should I do?

At the moment, Finnick had already reached their hotel. He quickly consoled her when he heard her phone conversation. “Vivian, did you forget about me? I will get someone to take care of things at the hospital, don’t you worry.”

A sense of relief washed over her when she heard his words. “Thank you, Finnick.”

After placing Vivian down on the sofa in the hotel’s lobby, Finnick instructed, “I will get Noah to book our flight back. Wait for me here. I will get our passports and join you as soon as I can.”

“Okay. Hurry on.” Vivian wished she could go back right this instance.

Finnick gave her a reassuring pat on her shoulder and quickly entered the elevator.

He came back down after a short while, picked Vivian up and headed out of the hotel. “Noah is waiting for us at the airport. Let’s hurry.”

Vivian was worried sick on the way to the airport. She wouldn’t be able to take it if anything were to happen to Rachel even though she sided with Evelyn and broke her heart. After all, she was the one who brought her up.

Feeling how frightened Vivian was, Finnick reached out to hold her hand. Don’t worry, Vivian. Nothing will happen with me around.”

Vivian felt thankful for Finnick. His presence made her feel safe and she trusts him with all her heart, just like how they used to be.

She burned with anxiety on the way to the airport and boarded the first flight out. Finnick wanted Vivian to rest on the plane since he was worried about her injured leg. He gave her reassurance that everything will be alright with him around.

However, Vivian couldn’t really get proper rest because she was so worried about Rachel’s condition. The plane finally landed after what seemed like a long anxious wait.

Vivian immediately got Finnick to send her to the hospital the moment the plane touched down. She was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when they reached Rachel’s ward.

At that moment, Rachel was lying on the bed unconscious. She had lost a few pounds and there was a bluish tint on her skin. Tears welled up in Vivian’s eyes when she saw the poor condition Rachel was in. How did all this happen?

Afraid that her cries would wake Rachel, Vivian covered her mouth as she sobbed and limped out of the ward with Finnick right behind.

The moment they left the ward, Vivian couldn’t hold her tears back any longer, threw herself into Finnick’s arms, and sobbed her heart out.

Finnick gently caressed her back and consoled, “It’ll be okay. Rachel can undergo surgery now that we’re back. I will get her the best specialist. She will be fine. Don’t cry.”

Vivian nodded fiercely. She felt like Finnick was her pillar of strength at the moment. She couldn’t imagine what she would do without him.

Finnick wrapped his arms tightly around Vivian and allowed her to cry her heart out. He figured that was the only way for her to release all her pent-up emotions.

“Vivian?” Vivian suddenly heard someone calling out to her as she was sobbing into Finnick’s chest.

She quickly rubbed her eyes, raised her head, and saw that it was Hunter. He was staring at her in shock from the end of the corridor.

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