Never Late, Never Away Chapter 699

Vivian broke away from Finnick, feeling shy. She never expected to meet a friend here. “Hunter, how is your injury? Are you healed?”

“Almost. The doctor suggested that I stay here for a few days.” Hunter asked in an anxious tone, “But why are you here? What happened?”

He heard a woman crying on his way to the washroom, turned to see who it was out of curiosity, and saw a familiar figure. Isn’t that Finnick? What is he doing here?

He couldn’t help but walked over to take a closer look. Hunter soon realized that it was Vivian crying in Finnick’s arms.

“It’s Rachel. She has leukemia and is having a relapse right now. It’s bad. I…” Tears streamed down her face once again at the mention of her mother.

Finnick’s heart ached for her as he reached out to wipe her tears away. He placed an arm around her and consoled, “It’ll be okay, I’m here, she’ll be fine. The doctor said she has a high chance of survival if she undergoes surgery immediately. Don’t scare yourself. Don’t cry.”

“Hmm.” Vivian nodded as she wiped her tears away. “You’re right. She will be fine. I mustn’t break down, I still have to take care of her.”

Hunter clenched his fists tightly when he saw how deeply in love they were with one another.

He had just been hospitalized for a short amount of time. What in the world happened? How did they get so close? Has Vivian decided to get back together with Finnick?

Although he was burning with jealousy at the sight before him, Hunter’s heart couldn’t help but ached when he saw her red swollen eyes.

“Vivian, calm down. Ms. Rachel will be fine. Do you need my help? I will do everything in my power to help you.”

Vivian felt grateful toward Hunter. However, Finnick spoke up before she could even say anything. “We appreciate your kind offer, Mr. Yates, but we have everything under control now.”

Hunter’s eyes flashed with anger when he met Finnick’s gaze. Is he staking his claim over Vivian? He’s thinking too highly of himself. They’re already divorced.

Finnick didn’t shy away from Hunter’s gaze as he tightened his arms around Vivian. Hunter wished he could pull them apart right this instance as he watched on with rage.

Just as a fight was about to break out between the two men, the doctor hurried over and said, “Who is Rachel William’s family? She needs to undergo surgery now. Please get in touch with her bone marrow donor and get her to come over immediately to prepare for the surgery.”

“OK. OK. I’ll get her here at once.” Vivian replied.

“Hurry up. Her condition is getting more severe as time passes. I will arrange for her surgery first while you get her bone marrow donor over. It’s best if we can perform surgery on her this afternoon.”

The doctor left in a hurry after telling her what to do.

She quickly called Evelyn’s nanny on the phone and told her to bring Evelyn over to the hospital immediately to prepare for Rachel’s surgery.

“Give me their address. I will get Noah to pick them up. It’ll be faster that way,” Finnick offered.

Vivian looked at Finnick gratefully and told him Evelyn’s address. She then said to Evelyn’s nanny, “Please get ready and wait for us. Someone will come to pick the both of you up in a short while.”

“Finnick, thank you so much.” Vivian thanked Finnick after he called Noah.

Finnick smiled affectionately as he caressed Vivian’s head. “You’re most welcome.”

Hunter felt like an outsider seeing them together. He felt ticked off. Do I still have a chance with Vivian?

Noah soon arrived with Evelyn. She burned with jealousy when she saw the way Finnick was looking at Vivian.

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