Never Late, Never Away Chapter 700

However, it was important for her to make a good impression on Finnick in order to earn his forgiveness since it wasn’t every day she gets to meet him.

“Vivian, is my mother okay? How is she?” Evelyn pretended to care as she quickly walked over and held on to Vivian’s hand.

Vivian wanted to pull away subconsciously. She knew that Evelyn was just putting on an act in front of Finnick after everything that had happened.

However, the thought of Evelyn being Rachel’s bone marrow donor stopped her from doing so. She said patiently, “She’s in critical condition now and needs to undergo surgery immediately. You should go get ready.”

“OK. I’m ready whenever. As long as my mother recovers.” Tears flowed down Evelyn’s cheeks as she spoke. “She’s my only family now. How can I not care about her? Nothing must happen to her.”

She turned around to check out Finnick’s reaction after saying those words, but Finnick didn’t even spare her a glance.

She could only put up with it even though she felt disgruntled. After all, she had lost his trust. Evelyn figured she should focus on saving Rachel first in order to regain his trust before anything else.

Finnick instructed Noah to inform the doctor that Evelyn had arrived so that they could prepare for her bone marrow biopsy and perform surgery on Rachel.

Right before Evelyn was anesthetized, she pulled Vivian’s hand and confessed pitifully in front of Finnick. “Vivian, what happened five years ago was all my fault. I shouldn’t have listened to Mark and help him kidnap you. I’ve realized my mistakes now. Will you forgive me?”

Vivian glanced at Finnick. She knew Evelyn wasn’t apologizing to her, but to him. However, he didn’t even look in their direction. It was as if he couldn’t even hear them.

Vivian felt glad that Finnick was deliberately ignoring Evelyn. She will never forgive him if he had forgiven Evelyn for her wrongdoings.

Vivian pulled her hand away and turned to face Evelyn with a serious expression. “Let’s not talk about it now. The most important thing at the moment is to save your mother. Everything else can wait.”

Evelyn clenched her fists but maintained the anxious look on her face. “You’re right. The most important matter at hand is to save my mother. But Vivian, before my biopsy, can you please forgive me for my wrongdoings? Or else I will feel really upset.”

Evelyn was cursing Vivian in her head when she said that. This b**ch! She had agreed to save Rachel because she wanted Finnick to forgive her. How could Vivian not let her talk about it? Everything she had done had been in vain!

No, she must earn Vivian’s forgiveness in front of Finnick today. That was the only way for her to gain Finnick’s forgiveness so that she could move back into Norton Residence once again. She would never give up her status as the lady of the house that easily.

Vivian was at a loss of what to do next upon hearing those words. She couldn’t talk herself into forgiving Evelyn, but it would also be cruel of her not to do so since Evelyn was about to undergo bone marrow biopsy.

Just as Vivian was contemplating what she should do next, Finnick finally spoke up. “We can talk about this later. You should cooperate with the doctor for the bone marrow biopsy first.”

With that, Finnick signaled the doctor to push Evelyn into the operating theater. Evelyn didn’t say anything anymore as she gazed at Finnick tearfully before she entered the operating theater.

Vivian shook her head and smiled bitterly. Her words and his words had completely different effects even though they mean the same thing.

“What is it?” Finnick asked out of concern when he saw Vivian’s strange expression.

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