Never Late, Never Away Chapter 701

“It’s nothing.” Vivian shook her head. It’s all thanks to Finnick that Evelyn would donate her bone marrow to Rachel. If not for him, I’m sure Evelyn would’ve never agreed to it.

Soon, Evelyn was pushed out of the operating theater, and Rachel’s operation begun.

“F-Finnick,” Evelyn whispered weakly as she reached out to him. Evidently, she wanted Finnick to hold her hand.

The nurse beside her felt perplexed as she looked at Evelyn’s weak state. Although the donor would be weak after withdrawing bone marrow, they would not be weak to the point they could barely speak.

When Finnick turned to see Evelyn’s outstretched hand, several emotions flashed past his eyes. Instead of responding to her, he said to the nurse at the side, “Send her to her ward to rest.”

“No need!” Evelyn blurted out. Then, she realized that she needed to keep up her act, so she deliberately coughed softly and continued, “N-No need. I’ll wait for Mom to come out of her surgery. That way… That way, I’ll feel reassured.”

“Sure.” With that said, Finnick turned his attention to Vivian instead. He consoled, “Don’t feel nervous. The surgeon is a well-known doctor in this field. Nothing will happen.”

“Really?” Despite his reassurances, Vivian was still worried.

“Yes.” Finnick held her hands. “He’s been researching about this for dozens of years. There are many patients he has saved from this, so nothing will go wrong.”

“Okay.” Nodding to him, Vivian finally relaxed a little. As she stared at the doors of the operating theater, she prayed that the surgery would go well.

With one arm around Vivian’s shoulders and one hand holding hers, Finnick kept her company outside the operating theater. His physical presence was a silent comfort and strength for her.

Staring at them, Evelyn, who had been adamant about staying outside the operating theater earlier, was about to explode in jealousy. Finnick didn’t even want to spare a word for me, who just donated my bone marrow, but he’s now so gentle with Vivian. Why?

Snapping her head to the side, Evelyn realized Hunter was also glaring at Finnick and Vivian with his fists clenched.

Unable to keep watching their intimacy, Evelyn voiced, “I’m not feeling too well. Hunter, send me back to rest.”

Like her, Hunter could not bear to watch them any longer. He was afraid that if he continued, he would not be able to stop himself from punching Finnick. Hence, the moment he heard Evelyn’s words, he immediately agreed to push her away, albeit with a gloomy face.

Finnick was expressionless when he saw the two leaving as if they were strangers, which they were to him.

Not letting himself think more about the two that just left, Finnick continued consoling the nervous Vivian.

After reaching a distance away from Finnick and Vivian, Evelyn finally let her anger out. There were no signs of her earlier weakness as she screeched at Hunter, “What’s wrong with you? Why are Vivian and Finnick together again? It’s been so long! Why haven’t you won her over?”

“Have I not been staying in the hospital recently? Once I’m out of the hospital, I’ll definitely do my best to win Vivian over,” Hunter mumbled as he tried his best to tamp down the fury in him.

His half-hearted reply only made Evelyn angrier. “By the time you discharge from the hospital, they’ll be married!”

No. I can’t stand aside and do nothing as they get back together. Evelyn racked her brain to come up with a plan to separate them, and soon, it appeared.

A cunning glint flashed across her eyes as she gestured for Hunter to hunch over. Not knowing what evil plans Evelyn had again, Hunter warily leaned his ear toward her.

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