Never Late, Never Away Chapter 702

Right after he heard Evelyn’s words, he exploded in wrath. At Evelyn, he bellowed, “Evelyn Morrison, aren’t you sick of this already?”

Of their many years of friendship, this was the first time Hunter had shouted at her. For a moment, Evelyn was dumbfounded. By the time she came back to her senses, she was enraged and embarrassed.

“Why are you shouting at me?” Evelyn screamed at him, feeling humiliated by his words.

Until now, she thought Hunter was her admirer. That was why she always felt superior whenever Hunter was around. Evelyn could not take it when she realized how rude he was to her a moment ago.

“Are you actually asking me why I’m shouting at you? Don’t you know how harmful this is to Vivian? How can you do this to a girl?”

Although he knew Evelyn had been coming up with ways to deal with Vivian, the plan she told him earlier still stunned him with how ruthless she was. He could not believe that she could actually think of trying to get people to assault and demean Vivian.

“What’s wrong? That woman only has herself to blame for this. No one asked her to take Finnick away from me! This is what happens to those who try to take my things from me!”

Evelyn felt that there was nothing wrong with her actions at all. On the other hand, Hunter’s agitated reaction rose her suspicion. He always knew she hated Vivian. Didn’t he promise to help me deal with Vivian earlier? Why is he shouting at me because of her now?

Suspiciously staring at Hunter, Evelyn hissed, “Didn’t you say you’re going to help me deal with her? Why are you siding with her now? Have you fallen in love with that b*tch?”

“Can you be more civilized when you speak? Have some awareness of how you’re presenting yourself!” When Hunter heard the way Evelyn was addressing Vivian, he sincerely felt that not only was the woman vicious, but she was also uncultured. I must have been blind to have fallen in love with someone like her back then.

“What’s wrong with how I present myself?” His words only made her more furious. “You really must have fallen in love with that b*tch, haven’t you? What’s good about her that all of you adore her so much?”

“Vivian’s the best woman I’ve ever seen. So what if I’ve fallen in love with her?” By now, anger had overwhelmed Hunter’s rationality. He did not care that he was playing the role of a spy anymore as he confessed his love for Vivian.

For a moment, his confession rendered Evelyn speechless. Finally, she could only squeeze out, “Y-You—”

After taking in a deep breath, she hissed, “Don’t forget about your motive for getting close to her. Let me tell you, Hunter. You have to help me deal with her. If you don’t, I’ll tell Vivian that you were nothing but a sly fox approaching her. If Vivian finds out about this, do you really think she’ll still be friends with you?”

“Ha!” Hunter scoffed. He had expected this from Evelyn, for this was the way she dealt with everything. Even now, she still thought of threatening him. However, this time, her plan was going to fall through.

“I’ve confessed about this to Vivian a long time ago. If you want to tell her about it, go ahead.” As he spoke, he glared daggers at her.

“Evelyn, I’m warning you. I hope you don’t think of executing plans like the one you told me about earlier. Don’t you forget what I do. If I find out that you’re going to hurt Vivian, I’m going to make sure you’ll have a few years in jail.”

“How dare you?” Evelyn screeched at him. “Aren’t you in love with me? How can you be in love with that ugly Vivian? Which part of her is better than me?”

“Vivian is better than you in every way,” Hunter scoffed in disdain. “If you talk about ugly, I don’t think there’s any woman who has an uglier inside than you. To have fallen in love with a vicious woman like you is the most disgusting thing I’ve done in my entire life.”

With that said, he shot a look of disgust at her before leaving. He truly did not want to waste any more time on a woman like her.

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