Never Late, Never Away Chapter 703

“Get back here, Hunter!” As she was bound to a wheelchair, she could only yell at Hunter’s retreating figure. “How dare you leave me here alone! I just came out of surgery! Are you even a man?”

Hearing her loud voice behind him, Hunter only sneered in disdain before leaving the hospital. The entire time, he never spared her a single glance. Even if she were to drop dead right now, he would not feel any pity for her.

When Evelyn realized Hunter was leaving without even giving her another look, she clenched her hands so hard she nearly broke her nails.

Why? Why do all men around me like Vivian? What’s good about that ugly and b*tchy woman? Finnick and Hunter clearly loved me first. What spell does Vivian have them under?

Rage thrummed through her veins as she thought, I’m never going to let Vivian off so easily. So what if Hunter doesn’t help me? I can still make Finnick and Vivian separate!

With a scowl on her face, Evelyn swore. Vivian, just you wait. I’ll definitely make you suffer hundreds and thousands of times worse than the humiliation I’ve suffered today.

Meanwhile, after Rachel’s surgery, Vivian had been keeping her company in the ward. As the anesthesia had yet to wear off, Rachel was still unconscious.

Although the doctor said that the surgery was a success and that Rachel was out of danger, Vivian was still wracked with worry. Until she saw Rachel wake with her own eyes, her heart remained in her throat, unable to descend back to her chest.

She had rushed back from Thymion and waited outside the operating theater for such a long time. By now, Vivian was exhausted. Yet, she dared not close her eyes to rest; she kept watching Rachel, fearing that the other woman’s condition would worsen.

All of the sudden, Rachel’s lips moved, but Vivian could not hear what she said. Afraid that Rachel was feeling unwell, Vivian swiftly leaned her ear to Rachel’s lips. Finally, she could hear Rachel’s mumbles.

“Evelyn… E-Evelyn, my d-dear daughter. I miss you… Evelyn.”

Upon hearing her words, Vivian slowly sat back down on her chair as melancholy surged into her heart.

I’ve done so much for her, but at the end of the day, Evelyn is still her only daughter? What about me? We’ve depended on each other for over twenty years. Has Rachel ever think of me as her daughter?

Wiping her tears away, Vivian stared at the mumbling Rachel in a daze.

The woman in front of her was someone she once trusted and was closest to. Yet now, Vivian did not know how long it had been since she called Rachel “Mom”. This word used to be the word that supported me through thick and thin. When did I become unable to call her that?

At the thought of that, Vivian’s tears fell again. She’s my mother, and I’m her daughter. Why are we like strangers now?

“Vivian.” Finnick’s voice suddenly came from behind her. Hurriedly wiping away her tears, Vivian plastered a smile on her face as she turned around.

However, she could not conceal those reddened eyes of hers from Finnick. He walked toward her and cupped her cheeks gently. His heart aching, he asked, “Why are you crying again? Don’t worry. I’ve asked the doctor, and he told me that her surgery has gone smoothly. She’s no longer in any danger, so you can rest assured.”

“Okay.” Vivian nodded before falling silent.

When he realized she did not look happier after hearing his reassurances, he could not help but wonder, Why is she upset if not for Rachel’s condition?

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