Never Late, Never Away Chapter 705

“I know.” Vivian nodded gratefully. “Hurry.”

“Call me if anything happens,” Finnick repeated anxiously before hesitantly retreating from the ward.

Not long after Finnick left, Rachel woke.

The moment Rachel opened her eyes, Vivian stood up and asked, “How do you feel? Do you feel unwell?”

“I-I…” As Rachel had just woken up, her mind was still muddled.

“You just came out of surgery,” Vivian informed. “The surgery went well, so you’re fine now. However, you need to make sure that you get adequate rest. The doctor said your body might show signs of transplant rejection in the beginning, but it’s temporary. You’ll be fine after enduring it. Let me call for a doctor to check you up now.”

At that, Vivian turned, about to call the doctor. However, Rachel stopped her. “Vivian, where’s Evelyn? She just came out of surgery too. Is she… Is she fine?”

When Vivian heard Rachel’s immediate concern for Evelyn upon her awakening, her heart ached even more. She had been running herself ragged for Rachel recently, but it seemed like Evelyn was the only one in Rachel’s heart; Rachel did not even feel upset about how Vivian had worked herself to the ground.

Swallowing her misery, Vivian replied, “Evelyn’s fine. She has gone back to rest now. Once you’re better, I’ll ask her to visit you.”

“No! There’s no need for that,” Rachel blurted out. “She already has weak health. She… She must be even weaker now. You don’t need to rush her to visit me. Let her rest first.”

“Okay,” Vivian murmured as her eyes watered. Pasting a smile onto her face, she continued, “I understand. Rest first, then. I’ll ask the doctor to do a checkup for you.”

“Okay.” After hearing that Evelyn was fine, Rachel’s heart in her throat returned to her chest. Soon, she fell asleep again.

When Vivian stepped out of the ward, she tilted her head back and took in a deep breath, forcing her tears to go away. It’s not the first time something like this happened. I should’ve gotten used to it.

Walking toward the room where the doctors were, Vivian unexpectedly encountered Hunter around the corner.

“Vivian! How’s Ms. Rachel?” Hunter was delighted to see Vivian, but when he saw her bloodshot eyes, his delight turned into heartache.

She must be drained after these few days. Yet, there was nothing Hunter could do about it.

“She has woken up, and I’m about to ask a doctor to check on her. Thank you for your concern,” Vivian answered with a smile. “How are you? Have you not recovered from your injury yet?”

Every time Vivian thought about how Hunter was hurt because of her, she could not help but feel guilty. That was because other than the beginning, she never visited him.

“It’s fine. I’m almost recovered.” Hunter shrugged as he returned the smile. Her concern for him made some of his prior delight return. “I actually plan to discharge from the hospital, but the doctor told me that it’s better for me to stay for another two days, so I’m still here.”

“It’s best that you leave the hospital only when you’re completely recovered,” Vivian muttered in worry. “It’ll be terrible if your recovery doesn’t go well.”

“Okay,” Hunter beamed. However, it seemed like he thought of something, for his expression turned solemn again.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when she noticed the change.

“Vivian, you have to be careful these few days,” Hunter warned. “Evelyn tried to get me to help her set you up again yesterday, and in my anger, I revealed to her I won’t be helping her anymore. However, I’m scared that even without my help, she’ll still try to hurt you. That’s why you have to be careful.”

Vivian narrowed her eyes after hearing Hunter’s words. I can’t believe Evelyn still hasn’t given up on her plan to sabotage me.

“I understand. I’ll be careful. Thank you,” Vivian uttered sincerely. “I’ll be looking for the doctor now, then. You be careful too.”

“Okay. Hurry on.” Hunter waved at her.

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