Never Late, Never Away Chapter 706

After getting the doctor to check up on Rachel and making sure she was fine, Vivian’s heart finally lowered back into her chest.

In the following days, Vivian remained in the hospital taking care of Rachel. During those days, Evelyn came to visit several times, but both of them knew that her visit was not due to her concern for Rachel’s health.

As Finnick was worried about Vivian being alone in the hospital, he went there to keep her company whenever he was free. That was the main reason for Evelyn’s continuous visits to the hospital.

Every time she saw Finnick, she would gaze at him with watery eyes. She would then apologize, hoping that he could forgive her. Rachel could not bear to watch her daughter’s miserable look. Naturally, she helped her to persuade Finnick that Evelyn did not mean to do what she did and for him to give her a chance.

Finnick could ignore Evelyn, but he could not do the same to Rachel, especially since the older woman was still recovering from her surgery. After the scene repeated several times, Finnick informed Vivian about his decision. From then on, he rarely visited the hospital.

Meanwhile, as Vivian was too busy taking care of Rachel, she had forgotten to ask Finnick about the incident from five years ago.

“Vivian, why isn’t Finnick coming to the hospital recently?” Evelyn asked sweetly as she held onto Vivian’s hand in front of Rachel.

In response, Vivian retracted her hand and did not try to conceal the hatred in her eyes. “How would I know? Maybe he’s busy at work. If you want to meet him, you can meet him in his office.”

Evelyn immediately teared up at that. It was as if she did not sense Evelyn’s hatred for her, for she grabbed Vivian’s hands again and sobbed, “I want to meet him, but… but Finnick won’t want to see me. Vivian, help me, please. Can’t you invite him out to meet me?”

“This is between him and you. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Prying her hand away from hers again, Vivian rose to her feet and kept a distance away from Evelyn. She’s always acting like this. As long as Rachel is around, she’ll pretend as if she’s on good terms with me. It’s disgusting.

“Vivian, how can you talk in that way with Evelyn?” Rachel reprimanded. Her heart broke with how Vivian kept dismissing Evelyn.

“Evelyn already knows that she’s in the wrong for what happened back then. What’s wrong with helping her meet with Finnick? You can’t lose your trust in her forever just because of one mistake of hers!”

“Yes, Vivian, I know I’ve done wrong. I won’t do anything to hurt you again. I swear!” Evelyn quickly added.

“I’ve already divorced Finnick, so I don’t have a say about who he meets and who he doesn’t,” Vivian fumed. She could no longer suppress her anger anymore. I’ve been slaving away taking care of Rachel, but all I get is a reprimand.

“Evelyn, if you want to meet Finnick, go ahead. I’m no one to him and vice versa. I have no right to decide whether he forgives or not.”

With that said, Vivian took her phone and left the ward.

After exiting the hospital, she hailed a cab back to the Morrison residence. Recently, she had been exhausted, both mentally and physically. All she wanted now was to have a long rest, or else she would have a mental breakdown.

When she reached home, she realized Benedict was still not home from his trip. Similarly, Larry was not around; he was still in school. After greeting Ms. Booker, the nanny, she headed straight to her bedroom to sleep. She was simply too tired for anything else.

It had been days since she had a good rest, so her sleep was a deep one. In fact, she did not even dream. By the time she woke, the sky was already dark.

Rubbing her eyes, Vivian sat up on the bed. Right then, the scent of corn soup from downstairs wafted across her nose and made her stomach growl.

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