Never Late, Never Away Chapter 711

Why does she keep giving me the side dishes? She should be getting Vivian to try the braised pork! If she doesn’t do that, my plan will be ruined.

“Evelyn, thank you for saving my life. When you were donating your bone marrow, you… you must have suffered. Does it hurt a lot?” As Rachel spoke, her eyes reddened, and her voice began to tremble.

“It’s fine.” Evelyn hurriedly took a piece of tissue and handed it to Rachel. “It doesn’t hurt at all. Moreover, I should save you. I’m glad that you’re much better now.”

“How can it not hurt?” Rachel muttered as she dabbed her tears away. “I’ve asked the doctor, and the doctor told me that the donor for bone marrow will have to rest well for a few months. However, you’ve been taking care of me this entire time. Are you tired?”

Beside them, a bitter smile emerged on Vivian’s face as she listened to Rachel’s words. Evelyn’s been taking care of her this entire time? Other than pretending to be pitiful, what has she done during her visits? I’ve been the one to wipe her body, buy her meals, and get water for her. Why is Evelyn suddenly the one who did the most work?

Meanwhile, Rachel continued, “Stay with me for a few days, Evelyn. I want to make sure that you’ll rest and recover well. You’re still young, and you can’t walk. It’ll be terrible if you’re in poor health.”

“I understand. I’ll pay attention to my body. You’ve just recovered, and you need someone to take care of you too. I’ll only be trouble if I say here,” Evelyn said with a smile, but in her mind, she was scoffing in disdain. Staying with her? Disgusting.

“What are you talking about? How can you be trouble to me?” Rachel uttered gravely. “You mustn’t think that way. I’m more than willing to take care of you. I—”

At Rachel’s adamant demeanor, Evelyn hastily changed the topic. “Vivian, why are you just eating the pasta? Why aren’t you having any of the side dishes? Ms. Rachel’s cooking is great.”

Upon hearing Evelyn’s words, Rachel turned toward Vivian. Only when she saw the apparent upset on Vivian’s face, then did Rachel realize she had neglected her.

“Vivian, it must have been difficult for you to take care of me in the hospital in the past few days. Look at you. You’re all skinny now. I’ve made your favorite braised pork, so have a try,” Rachel said as she gave some to Vivian.

When Vivian realized Rachel was finally focusing on her, she did not know if she should feel happy or sad. All she could do was lift her head and squeeze out a smile at Rachel. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Hurry on and eat,” Rachel answered, her frown relaxing.

“Evelyn, you too.” Knowing that the two young women liked braised pork, Rachel did not eat any. Instead, she kept putting more and more pieces into Evelyn’s plate. “Try it. Is it the same as what you had when you were a kid? It took me a long time to prepare this.”

“No need, but thank you, Ms. Rachel.” Evelyn quickly stopped her. “Ms. Rachel, have you forgotten that I withdrew my bone marrow a while ago? The doctor had told me to eat less oily food.”

“That’s right! How could I have forgotten it? How careless of me,” Rachel cried out in a remorseful tone. My daughter has suffered for me, but I don’t even know how to take care of her. ”Evelyn, have more of the vegetables then. I’ll take note of it the next time I cook.”

Turning around, Rachel put the piece of meat into Vivian’s plate instead. With a smile, she voiced, “Vivian, eat more, then.”

As Vivian took the piece of meat up, she wondered what words could describe what she was feeling at that moment.

Maybe to Rachel, I’ll always be second to Evelyn. But that doesn’t matter. I’ve decided not to visit Rachel anymore. It’s good that the two of them can get along. At the very least, she’ll have someone to take care of her in the future. Those were the only words Vivian could use to console herself.

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