Never Late, Never Away Chapter 713

Farewell, Mom.

As she watched Vivian walk into the kitchen, Evelyn shot Hunter a dark and meaningful look across the doorway.

Seeing the shady smile on her face, Hunter had an ominous feeling in his heart. “What do you mean by calling me over here?” he hissed, sounding very wary indeed.

Evelyn shrugged, looking rather nonplussed. She wheeled herself back to the living room and replied blandly, “I called you here to pick Vivian up, of course. You have a crush on her, don’t you? Since we’ve been friends for so many years, I decided to lend you a hand and create an opportunity for the two of you to get together. No need to thank me!”

Hearing that, Hunter felt even more suspicious. There was no way Evelyn could be so kind-hearted. He stalked towards her, intending to ask more questions, but Vivian chose to come out of the kitchen at that very moment.

“Hunter, let’s go,” she said. She didn’t seem to notice the tense atmosphere that was hanging over the two of them.

Hunter shot one last look of consternation at Evelyn before he turned and left with Vivian without another word.

As she watched them leave, Evelyn’s eyes were dancing with amusement. Hunter, you’ll have to thank me this time! I’ve delivered the most amazing present right to your doorstep.

As they got into Hunter’s car, Vivian suddenly realized that Finnick might come over later and find that she was gone. Hence, she sent him a text message and told him to wait for her at the Morrison residence.

She put her phone away and turned to Hunter. In a curious voice, she asked, “Hunter, did Evelyn really call you over to have lunch with us today?” She couldn’t help but feel that Hunter was hiding something from her.

“Yes,” Hunter said, nodding. “She sent me the address just now, told me that she was having lunch with you, and asked if I wanted to join. But you know how we got into that horrible fight the other day, right? I wanted to ignore her, but I was afraid that she might have done something horrible to you. I was so worried that I decided to drop by in the end.”

Then, he shot a look of concern at Vivian. “You’re feeling alright, aren’t you? Did she do anything to you?”

Hearing that, Vivian felt a little warier. However, as she thought back on the events of the evening, she couldn’t find anything suspicious about it.

“I’m alright. Honestly, Evelyn seemed pretty normal today. She’s probably just persisting in trying to make a couple out of us again,” Vivian said.

“Who cares what her motive is? It’s enough that she hasn’t done anything to you.” Seeing that Vivian was fine, Hunter let out a quiet sigh of relief.

Vivian looked gratefully at Hunter. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry towards him. He was truly concerned for her well-being, but she couldn’t find it in herself to reciprocate his feelings.

“Thanks, Hunter,” Vivian said in a very serious voice. “I’m very grateful that you’re so concerned about me, but I’m afraid that I…”

“Well, you can at least see me as your friend, can’t you?” Knowing what Vivian was about to say, Hunter cut her off immediately. He glanced at her and smiled. “Vivian, can’t we stay friends, at least?”

“Oh, of course!” Vivian exclaimed immediately, feeling a little harried. “It’s my honor to have you as my good friend.”

“Then there’s no need to say anything else. I already understand your intentions.” A bittersweet smile appeared on Hunter’s face—Vivian didn’t reciprocate his romantic feelings, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He turned his head to concentrate on the road again. Vivian didn’t know what to say to fill the awkward silence, so the atmosphere in the car became a little tense again.

As they sped along the road, Vivian suddenly felt her entire body heating up. Her throat felt a little parched, as though she hadn’t drunk any water the entire day. At first, she didn’t think much of it—perhaps the interior of the car was just a little stuffy, that’s all.

As time passed, however, her body temperature soared to alarming degrees. She felt as though she had been placed in a slow-cooker.

Unable to bear it anymore, Vivian tugged irritably at her collar and frowned. What is going on? Had my past two days of exhaustion culminated in a fever?

Back at Rachel’s house, Evelyn felt that there was no point in her staying anymore since Vivian had left.

She took out her phone and gave a call to her housemaid, ordering her to come to fetch her home this very minute.

Hearing that Vivian was going to go home soon, Rachel felt a little sorry. “Evelyn, you’ve been in poor health recently. Why don’t you stay at my place for some time? I feel a little worried when I think about you living in that house alone.”

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