Never Late, Never Away Chapter 714

Now that Vivian and Finnick weren’t here anymore, Evelyn felt that it was time to drop her affectionate act with Rachel. With an impatient look on her face, she snapped, “I’ll take care of my health by myself, thanks. Stop hovering over me like a fly all the time.”

“Evelyn, how could you say that?” Hearing Evelyn’s scathing words, Rachel felt rather shocked. Just a few moments ago, Evelyn had been addressing her as Ms. Rachel in such an affectionate way. Why had her attitude towards her changed so suddenly?

Seeing the shocked expression on Rachel’s face, a contemptuous smile appeared on Evelyn’s face. Did this woman really think of herself as my mother? What a joke! Who does she think she is?

“Alright, that’s enough. I have something on later, so I’m going to leave now.” Evelyn was tired of looking at this annoying old hag. After spitting out that sentence cold, she wheeled herself around and tried to leave.

However, Rachel stuck out a hand to stop her. She walked in front of Evelyn and faced her with an apprehensive look on her face. She opened her mouth as though to say something, but she seemed to not know how to begin. The expression on her face looked rather uneasy.

“What do you want?” Evelyn asked impatiently, throwing a dirty look at her. Why does this woman have so many problems?

After hesitating for a long while, Rachel asked in a shaky voice, “Evelyn, what—what have you done to Vivian?”

She had kept an eye on Evelyn at the dinner table just now. When Vivian was eating the braised pork, Evelyn’s eyes had been shining with glee and self-satisfaction. Afterward, she had seemed more cheerful as well.

But why would she be so happy over Vivian eating a few slices of braised pork? Rachel couldn’t help but suspect that there was more to the matter than met the eye.

Besides, Evelyn had volunteered to help her make dinner that evening. An ominous feeling swept over Rachel. She prayed fervently that her worst fears wouldn’t come true.

Hearing that, Evelyn felt a little stunned. She hadn’t expected the woman to be so observant. Evelyn had done everything she could to make sure nobody would find out about her plan, but Rachel had uncovered her schemes in the end.

Evelyn fought to keep a straight face and said, “What the hell are you talking about? We were just having a nice meal together. How could you accuse me of doing something to her?”

“When Vivian was eating the braised pork, why did you look at her like that?” Rachel squatted down before Evelyn’s wheelchair and said urgently, “Evelyn, tell me the truth, please. Did you drug Vivian’s food? What are you trying to do to her?”

So that was when Rachel had begun suspecting me! Evelyn’s eyes narrowed with rancor as she gave up all pretense at once. “Yes, I did! I drugged her food. What, do you feel bad for that precious daughter of yours? Are you going to expose me because of her? Of course, you would—you raised her since she was a child! You’re still biased towards her even now, aren’t you? Are you going to harm me because of her?”

Hearing Evelyn’s confirmation, Rachel felt as though her heart had been ripped into shreds. How could Evelyn do something like this to Vivian again? ”Evelyn, how could you say that? You’re my biological daughter. How could I harm you?”

“Shut up! You aren’t my mother at all!” Evelyn screamed, feeling even more agitated now. “If it wasn’t because of you, do you think I would be like this today? Since you already decided to give me away to another person, why did you have to tell Vivian about it? Couldn’t you have taken that secret to your grave, you stupid woman?”

Hearing Evelyn’s harsh words, Rachel collapsed immediately. Tears rolled down her cheeks like a string of broken pearls.

“Evelyn, everything was my fault, alright? If you think it was unfair, you can take out your anger on me. But Vivian did nothing wrong. She’s just a pitiful child like you—you can’t take out your anger on her!”

“You still think she’s faultless, don’t you? She stole my beloved brother Ben away from me, not to mention Finnick, and the title of Ms. Morrison! She took everything from me, and I hate her for it! I hate her, do you understand me?” Evelyn screamed. “I want to take revenge on her. I want her to pay for what she did all those years ago. I want to let her know what happens to b*tches who steal from me!”

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