Never Late, Never Away Chapter 715

“Evelyn, even if you have any grievances, please take them out on me! Please let Vivian go, she hasn’t done anything wrong.” Rachel grabbed hold of Evelyn’s hand and begged her fervently.

“Let her off? Fat chance!” Evelyn gave Rachel a hard push, sending her sprawling onto the ground. Her eyes were glazed over with madness. “You can expose me for this if you want. I will never see you again in this life.”

After shooting one last look of rancor at Rachel, she opened the door and left.

Rachel had just undergone an operation, and her body was still very weak. How could she recover from that shove by Evelyn? She lay sprawled on the ground, watching helplessly as Evelyn left.

“Oh, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault! God, I was the one who made those mistakes all those years ago. Why did you have to do this to the two children? You should’ve punished me instead!” As she watched Evelyn’s figure recede into the distance, Rachel cried on the ground.

As she cried, Rachel suddenly remembered something important. Vivian! I have to get to Vivian before something bad happened! Quickly, she sat up from the ground painfully and inched her way towards the telephone.

What sort of drugs had Evelyn put into Vivian’s food? Is she alright now? Rachel couldn’t help but blame herself—she should have told Vivian about her suspicions before she even stepped out of the front door.

She quickly found Vivian’s number and gave her a call, waiting anxiously for her to pick up. This child should’ve enjoyed a life of wealth and privilege, but Rachel had swapped her with Evelyn at birth. Vivian had suffered an impoverished childhood at Rachel’s side instead. If something had happened to her, Rachel would never be able to forgive herself.

“Pick up the phone, come on!” However, she only heard the deep hum of static followed by, “The number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

Vivian wasn’t picking up the phone at all. Had something really happened to her?

Here, Rachel was so anxious that she dissolved into another fit of tears. Hugging the telephone, she cried, “I’m sorry, Vivian, it’s all my fault! I brought all of this upon you. Nothing must happen to you, alright? I’m sorry, this is my fault, this is payback for my horrible sin all those years ago!”

In the car, Vivian continued to tug at her collar. Eventually, Hunter realized that something was wrong. “Vivian, is something wrong? Do you feel very hot?”

“Yes, I do.” Vivian nodded her head, her mind feeling a little foggy. The burning sensation within her was getting worse and clouding her judgment bit by bit. “I think I have a fever. My body is heating up quite alarmingly.”

Hearing that, Hunter, who was going to turn up the air-conditioner, stopped himself immediately. If Vivian was having a fever, she couldn’t be in an air-conditioned environment.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Hunter stretched out another hand towards Vivian’s forehead. Feeling the heat on her forehead, he felt a little shocked.

“Vivian, you’re burning up. Try and endure it for a while more, okay? I’ll find you a doctor immediately.” With that, Hunter stepped down on the accelerator and sped off towards the Morrison residence.

When Hunter rested his hand on her forehead, Vivian felt a rush of coolness where he had touched her skin. The horrible sensation in her body practically vanished, and she felt so relieved that she nearly moaned. She wanted him to continue touching her and take away that uncomfortable feeling in her body.

Realizing how insane her thoughts were, Vivian held herself back immediately. No, I can’t do that! How can I even think about something like that?

She tried to shake Hunter’s hand off her forehead, but she discovered to her horror that there was no energy left in her body. Thankfully, Hunter removed his hand almost immediately.

However, as the cooling feeling disappeared from her body, the burning sensation returned with renewed vigor. She wanted to… Well, she didn’t know what she wanted exactly, but she knew that she was feeling extremely uncomfortable. She wanted to let out a moan and wrap her arms around something… Anything…

She was hanging on to her sanity by a thread now. Biting down hard on her lips, she tried to prevent herself from making a single sound. Hunter was still around—she couldn’t lose her composure around him. But what exactly is happening to me? I don’t recall feeling like this the last time I had a fever.

The car finally screeched to a halt in front of the Morrison residence. Hunter let out a sigh of relief. “Vivian, we’re home. I’ll get a doctor for you immediately.”

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