Never Late, Never Away Chapter 717

Just as those complicated emotions were swirling around Hunter’s mind, he heard the doorbell ring. Had the doctor arrived? Then, he finally snapped out of his daze.

When he did, he felt like giving himself a slap across the face. What was I even thinking? How could I have entertained such despicable thoughts?

Immediately, he tore himself away from Vivian and ran downstairs to open the door. When he recalled Vivian’s tearful expression and pitiful groans when he left, he felt his heart ache for her. Now, only the doctors could save her.

When he opened the door, however, he found himself staring at Finnick instead of the doctor.

When he saw Hunter, an expression of shock appeared on Finnick’s face. “What are you doing in Vivian’s house?” Vivian had just asked him to meet her at the Morrison residence. What was Hunter doing here?

Before Hunter could reply, there was the sound of shattering glass from upstairs, accompanied by the pained mewls of a woman. It was Vivian!

Finnick pushed Hunter aside immediately and ran upstairs. What was Hunter doing here with Vivian when there was nobody else in the house right now? Was he trying to do something to her?

Here, Finnick picked up his pace. When he arrived at Vivian’s room, the sight before him made him widen his eyes in shock.

Vivian was rolling around in bed with an expression of pain on her face. She kept crying repeatedly, “I want it… It’s so uncomfortable… It’s so hot… Hurry… Hot… I can’t stand it anymore…”

“Finnick, Vivian’s…” Hunter rushed up behind Finnick. When he saw Vivian, he turned to Finnick and tried to explain the situation to him.

However, Finnick was so enraged by the scene before him that he could hardly speak. Thinking that this was Hunter’s doing, his hands moved faster than his brain.

“You disgusting bastard!” He threw a punch at Hunter, his eyes red with anger. He gave him a hard kick in the shin. “How dare you do something like that to Vivian? What sort of uncivilized monster are you?”

“This is a misunderstanding! Can you listen to me? This isn’t what you think it is…” Before he could finish speaking, Finnick had thrown another punch across his face, this time aiming for his left cheek.

“What’s there to explain?” Finnick demanded, his eyes dancing with flames. He grabbed hold of Hunter’s collar and growled, “Tell me honestly, what did you do to Vivian?”

One look at Vivian told him all he needed to know. His worst fears had come true—this bastard had tried to do something to her!

Hunter was finding it more difficult to breathe. As his face turned red, he tried to free himself from Finnick’s grip. He croaked, “She’s been drugged by…”

Thinking that Hunter had drugged her, Finnick lost every last ounce of his rationality. Dragging Hunter up from the ground, he pushed him against the wall. Holding him up with his arm, Finnick brought his knee up against Hunter’s stomach.

“You scumbag! How dare you drug her? Do you even consider yourself a man?” Finnick was debating whether he should just end Hunter off right now.

Hunter was getting more frustrated by the minute. Finnick had beaten him up without giving him a chance to explain himself. Furious, Hunter exerted some force in his arm and shoved Finnick away from him.

“Fuck! For goodness’s sake, you bastard! Can you let me finish explaining first? It wasn’t me who did it—it was Evelyn who drugged her and made me go and pick her up! I just realized that she had been drugged and sent the maid to fetch a doctor for her.”

He finished explaining everything in one breath and pointed at Vivian urgently. “Right now, we should focus our energy on finding the antidote for her. Can’t you see how much she’s suffering?”

Hearing that, Finnick felt a little stunned. However, he snapped out of his daze almost immediately.

Evelyn again? Hadn’t I taught her enough of a lesson before this? How dare she try to harm Vivian again?

He balled his hands into fists. He had a principle against hitting women, but he was willing to make Evelyn an exception. If she was in front of him right now, he would beat her up violently.

He quickly ran into the room, only to see Vivian curled up in a ball with her arms wrapped around the blanket. Her face was completely covered with tears. In a hoarse voice, she cried, “Uncomfortable… I feel so uncomfortable… It hurts…”

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