Never Late, Never Away Chapter 719

As she tried to recall what had happened, fragments of memories and images flashed across Vivian’s mind. She could remember the blistering heat and pain within her, and how Hunter was holding her. She could even see Finnick at the end…

Vivian’s expression turned more and more distorted. I was… I was drugged!

Seeing Vivian’s unusually pale countenance, Finnick asked again anxiously, “Vivian, how do you feel? Does it… still hurt?”

Catching the rather peculiar pause in Finnick’s utterances, Vivian’s face turned even more colorless. “What happened to me? Why am I in the hospital?”

Holding her hand tightly, Finnick answered, “You asked me to meet you at your house, remember? So I went and saw you… You weren’t in a sound condition. Hunter said you were drugged by Evelyn so I sent you to the hospital.”

As expected, I was drugged indeed! Vivian clenched her fist so tightly her nails dug into her palm. She remembered Evelyn went to help in the kitchen when Rachel was preparing dinner. Sure enough, she was up to no good!

With a wrathful glint in her eyes, Vivian looked up at Hunter. “So that was the reason she has asked you to pick me up. Her purpose was for us to…”

Hunter nodded with an extremely somber expression. “That’s probably true.”

Biting hard on her lip, Vivian was feeling overwhelmed by outrage. I still have an old score from five years ago to settle with her and yet this Evelyn is coming against me again!

Finnick placed his hand on Vivian’s lips out of fear that she would hurt herself from the biting. “Don’t worry, Vivian. I’ll definitely avenge you and not let Evelyn off the hook so easily this time!”

Seeing Finnick’s hand on Vivian’s lips kindled a bitter glow in Hunter’s eyes. Vivian didn’t avoid such an intimate gesture at all. Does it mean that she really wants to reconcile with Finnick?

Even though he was green with envy within himself, Hunter added following what Finnick said, “Vivian, just get yourself a good rest with peace of mind. Leave Evelyn to me. I have tons of ways to handle her.”

“There’s no need.” Seeing as both these men wanted to avenge her, Vivian refused as an icy air slowly emanated from her body. “I don’t need the two of you to do it for me. Let me take care of it myself, but do lend me a hand.”

Looking at each other, Finnick and Hunter nodded in unison. It was indeed better to let her settle the score herself as it would also be a good way for her to vent her hatred.

Looking into Vivian’s eyes, Finnick asked in a solemn manner, “Vivian, how do you want us to help?”

A smirk crept up on Vivian’s face. The feeling of aggression within her was so great that it threatened to engulf her. Evelyn, you brought this upon yourself. This time, I’ll let you have a taste of your own medicine!

Meanwhile, Evelyn was anxiously waiting for the outcome of her scheme. Even though Hunter had expressed his feelings for Vivian and would most probably yield to such a temptation, she couldn’t help worrying about the chance of failure to her plan.

Evelyn thought it was about time and she couldn’t wait any longer either so she made a call to Hunter.

It was picked up in an instance. Suppressing her perturbation, Evelyn spoke very slowly, “How’s it? Are you satisfied with the gift I presented you?”

“You mean how you drugged Vivian?” Knowingly, Hunter feigned surprise and asked in return.

“I did all that for you.” Listening to Hunter’s tone, Evelyn wasn’t very certain if he had done according to her plan and if it worked well. “Don’t you like her? If I don’t do this, it’ll take ages for you to pursue her with Vivian’s temper.”

“Ah, that’s why. I should really…” Hunter deliberately paused for a while which made Evelyn felt like her heart was in her throat.

“Thank you.” Hunter’s tone turned a little flippant. “You’re indeed an old friend of mine for many years. You know me the best. I’m very impressed by this gift.”

Upon listening to that, the bothered expression on Evelyn’s face totally vanished. Ha! It happened exactly like what I’ve anticipated. All these years, there wasn’t anyone who knew Hunter better than she did. How could he bear to refuse it when a pretty woman threw herself at him?

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