Never Late, Never Away Chapter 720

“But…” Hunter added, but again, he stopped halfway through his sentence.

“What is it?” Feeling tensed again, Evelyn quickly asked in response. Did something go wrong?

“But now it suddenly occurred to me that I don’t like Vivian that much anymore. She doesn’t feel as interesting to me after we’ve slept together. Huh. I thought she’s the one this time but I didn’t expect that she’ll become an eyesore to me after getting what I wanted from her.” Hunter feigned disappointment over the phone.

“Now that I think about it, remarks like ‘I’m fond of her’ which I’ve made to you previously sounded really naive. I guess it was because I haven’t tasted what I wanted then. Please don’t take those awful words that I’ve said seriously. Allow me to extend my apology to you here.”

Evelyn was ecstatic at what Hunter said to her over the phone. Didn’t I say that Vivian is just a cheap tart? Hunter would never fall for her.

“It’s okay.” Evelyn laughed as she replied, “Don’t worry about it. We’ve been friends for so many years. I won’t take it personally.”

“I’m glad that you’re not mad. Anyway, I met Finnick when I came out of Vivian’s room yesterday.” All of a sudden, Hunter shifted the topic.

“How come Finnick was at the Morrison residence?” Once again, Evelyn was on edge.

“I had no idea. But when he saw that I was with Vivian, he was exasperated and even got into a brawl with me. I could feel that Vivian still has a special place in his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be jealous.”

“Then, did he know that Vivian was drugged?” Promptly, Evelyn demanded an answer to the question she was most concerned about.

“He probably doesn’t know,” Hunter responded in denial. “Vivian was still asleep in her room then. He might have thought that we slept together voluntarily and he left after the fight.”

It was then that Evelyn heaved a long breath of relief. It’s fine as long as Finnick doesn’t know about the truth. However, her relief was followed immediately by an outburst of jealousy. What is so good about that tr*mp, Vivian, that Finnick just can’t seem to let go of her?

“Hunter, come and pick me up now. I’ll send the address to you later. I want to see Finnick right away.” Very soon, Evelyn came up with another idea. Since Finnick misunderstood that Vivian had slept with Hunter voluntarily, I have to convince him and make him believe this wrong idea completely.

Not knowing what Evelyn had come up with in her mind again, Hunter could only say yes to her request. “Alright, I’ll come to your house now.”

Soon, Hunter arrived at her place after receiving the address she had sent him. Then, following her directions, they departed to Finnick’s house.

When they reached the door, Evelyn drew in a long breath and put on an agitated expression on her face. Resolutely, she had come to quash Finnick’s impression of Vivian entirely.

Upon hearing the doorbell, Finnick curled his lips into a smirk. Finally, here she comes.

Soon after Evelyn asked Hunter to pick her up, Hunter called and relayed the matter to Finnick. Hence, Finnick had come home early just to wait for Evelyn’s arrival.

Let me see what other tricks this woman can pull!

Walking over and pulling the door open, he wore an irritated expression as soon as he saw Evelyn. With an icy tone, he asked, “Didn’t I tell you not to come here again? What are you doing here?” With that, Finnick pretended to close the door.

“Finnick, I have something to tell you. I’m afraid that you’ll be deceived by Vivian.” Evelyn quickly tugged at Finnick’s sleeves to stop him from closing the door.

Shaking Evelyn’s hand off, Finnick replied with a serious face, “What do you mean by that? Haven’t you hurt Vivian badly enough previously? What are you trying to do now?”

Taking the chance and wheeling herself into Finnick’s house through the door, Evelyn looked at Finnick with an aggrieved face. “Finnick, what happened back then was my fault. I have realized my mistake but what I’m telling you now is the truth. You must not be fooled by Vivian.”

“How has Vivian fooled me?” Clenching his fist tightly, Finnick asked with a fiery glint in his eyes.

“She’s two-timing!” Evelyn answered swiftly. “She has been together with Hunter and yet she is deceitfully tangling with you relentlessly. She’s just treating you as a rebound guy. You must not be deluded by her.”

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