Never Late, Never Away Chapter 721

“How did you know she was with Hunter? Who told you that?” Knowing that Evelyn was making things up and framing Vivian, Finnick just wished that he could get someone to tie Evelyn up so that he could avenge Vivian.

However, at the thought of Vivian’s message to him earlier, he could only subdue his rage.

“Hunter told me himself that he had already slept with Vivian. You’ve also seen it with your own eyes, haven’t you? She’s just making a monkey out of you. Don’t fall into her trap.” Plucking Finnick’s sleeves, Evelyn pressed on.

“How did you know all these things? Was it Hunter who told you everything? What’s your relationship with him, huh?” Finnick was trying to fish for some details from Evelyn.

Evelyn was unmistakably startled by Finnick’s questions. Damn, I let it slip out. How should I answer now so that Finnick wouldn’t suspect it?

Hurriedly coming up with an excuse, Evelyn replied, “Hunter and I were classmates in university. It was also me who introduced him to Vivian back then but I didn’t expect the two of them would get together. Hunter was in a bad mood after the fight with you yesterday so he called and told me about this. He even revealed to me that it was Vivian who was actively pursuing him at that time. That was how I found out.”

Barely able to cover up her story, Evelyn quickly altered the subject, “Finnick, I’ve come to find you immediately as soon as I learned about this because I fear that you would be deceived by Vivian. You have no place at all in that woman’s heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be with Hunter behind your back.”

So that means Hunter was initially sent by Evelyn to Vivian. And the reason he’s helping Vivian to deal with Evelyn now is that he has actually fallen for Vivian later on? Finnick speculated in secret.

Thinking of that, Finnick got jealous. Vivian belongs with me. I’ll never allow anyone to take her away from me.

Looking at the woman in front of him who had personally sent him a rival, Finnick spoke in a distant tone, “Vivian is the woman I love most in this world. So what if she’s with Hunter? I’ll definitely win her back.”

Evelyn was rooted to the ground as she heard Finnick’s words. She asked in disbelief, “Don’t you mind at all? Don’t you have a problem even with the fact that she has slept with another man?”

“Of course, I mind.” Finnick gritted his teeth. This is probably Evelyn’s sole purpose of drugging Vivian—so as to create a grudge between me and Vivian.

“Then, why are you still holding on to her?” Evelyn asked rather frantically.

“Because I love her.” Looking right into Evelyn’s eyes, Finnick stressed each of the syllables firmly. “Hence, no matter who she’s with, I’ll get her back and stay by her side. The only person who can spend a lifetime with her is me.”

How did things turn out this way? Evelyn was utterly stunned by Finnick’s words. For a while, she was in a daze and a loss for words.

“Thus, I’m warning you now, Evelyn. Don’t ever try to plot anything against Vivian, or I’ll make you pay for it!”

Finishing his spiteful words, Finnick had had enough of the disgusting face in front of him so he left his house.

If it wasn’t because Vivian wanted to deal with this matter herself, he would have taken Evelyn away and held her captive even before she could come to see him in person.

Looking at Finnick’s figure slowly disappearing from her sight, she was still troubled by the revelation that came as a crushing blow to her, keeping her completely still on the spot.

He said that he’ll win Vivian back again. He said he would be the person who would spend the rest of his life with Vivian. How can that be? It shouldn’t have turned out this way!

How can he not be infuriated after knowing that Vivian was with Hunter? How can he not let go of Vivian until now? Does he really love her so much? Even when he’s being cheated on by her?

“Argh—” Unable to repress the jealousy within her any longer, Evelyn went berserk and started shouting.

Why? Why! Who is she to deserve such devotion from Finnick? There’s no way I’m coming up short against that tr*mp in any way. Why Finnick just can’t seem to see the good in me?

No way. Evelyn was exceedingly overwrought. I can’t let Vivian take Finnick away from me again. I must find a way to regain his affection.

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