Never Late, Never Away Chapter 722

Leaving the Norton Residence in a daze, Evelyn got back in Hunter’s car.

Seeing the absentminded look of Evelyn, Hunter sneered in his heart and asked deliberately, “How’s it? I saw Finnick leaving just now. Has he gone to square up with Vivian?”

“He said he doesn’t mind that Vivian has slept with you,” turning around to Hunter, Evelyn said in a very hushed tone. Then, as though she had just come back to her senses, Evelyn raised her volume and shouted in desperation, “How could he forgive her? How could he just disregard something like that?”

Disturbed by her high-pitched utterances, Hunter frowned and feigned concern as he replied, “Don’t get so worked up yet. Maybe Finnick is just tough-talking. There’s no way a man wouldn’t be bothered about such a thing.”

Hunter’s words kindled hope within Evelyn. Clumsily, she tugged at Hunter’s sleeves and demanded, “Is that for real? So he does mind, doesn’t he?”

“I can guarantee that Finnick definitely holds a grudge against this matter,” Hunter responded in a certain and confident way and handed Evelyn a cup of water. “Take a sip and calm yourself down first. We shall discuss what to do next.”

“You’re right. I can’t be panicked. I need to think about what to do next.” Taking over the cup of water, Evelyn emptied it and finally regained her composure.

Seeing as Evelyn finished the water, an indistinct smirk flashed across Hunter’s face.

“Do you have any good ideas?” Handing the cup back to Hunter, Evelyn asked for his opinion.

After fidgeting with the cup for a while, Hunter restored it to where it was and smiled at Evelyn. “Since Finnick can’t let go of Vivian, we can just let Vivian vanish into thin air. What about killing her?”

“Killing her?” Upon hearing that, the glow in Evelyn’s eyes flickered as she repeated uncertainly.

“Yes. Even though it’s impossible that Finnick doesn’t mind about this matter at all, it proves that Vivian does have a special place within his heart for him to say things as he could forgive her. Thus, as long as she’s alive, Finnick would never return to your side. It is only with Vivian’s death would you have a chance at gaining Finnick’s attention once again.”

Hunter persuaded Evelyn according to the plan.

Evelyn thought that Hunter’s words made sense as she contemplated seriously. Finnick’s attitude just then shows how captivated he is with Vivian. Only Vivian’s death can put an end to everything and only then would Finnick change his mind and come back to me.

“Alright, let’s kill her then!” Narrowing her eyes into two pointed slits, Evelyn’s tone was ruthless to the bone.

Everything went accordingly as planned but when Hunter heard Evelyn’s words, he could not feel even a wee bit of joy. As an attorney, he had seen the many vicissitudes of human nature, and yet, he had never expected that a person could be so ill-natured to such an extent.

In any case, there wasn’t really any enmity between Vivian and Evelyn. But Evelyn could turn into such a heartless person just because of one man alone.

“Well then, let’s go to your place and you’re tasked to ask Vivian out. I’ll add the substance into the water and all you need to do is to convince her to drink it.” Just as Hunter was secretly lamenting, Evelyn had already laid out the plan.

Adding substance into the water? Hunter was a little perplexed by Evelyn’s words. It surprised him that both Evelyn and Vivian were on the same page this time. It looks like Vivian’s experience of being framed has turned her into an expert.

“Sure. We’ll do it this way then. Are you going to poison her directly?” Hunter started the car as he asked.

“That’s a little too risky.” Evelyn shook her head. “I’ll knock her out first and then devise a plan to make it look like she was killed in an accident.”

Evelyn’s disclosure of her entire plan to Hunter implied that she had regarded Hunter as her ally. Since he could come up with the idea to kill Vivian, Evelyn had no reason to suspect him. Besides, she needed his help.

Hunter was after all an attorney. Things would be much easier with him around.

Upon hearing that, Hunter shot Evelyn an interesting look. Judging from her experienced way of handling it, it seems like she has been used to doing this sort of thing.

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