Never Late, Never Away Chapter 723

After driving home, Hunter made a call to Vivian in front of Evelyn to avoid raising her suspicion. Turning the speaker mode on, he asked Vivian to come to his house as he had something to discuss with her and Vivian agreed without any hesitation.

Noticing that Vivian’s attitude over the phone was rather fine, Evelyn asked in puzzlement, “When she found out that she was being drugged after waking up that day, didn’t she quarrel with you? Did she just accept it?”

With thoughts running in his head, Hunter pulled a face intentionally and put on a disdainful expression. “That’s exactly why I thought she wasn’t that interesting after all. I thought she was aloof initially and I didn’t expect that she was actually so hot-blooded. Now that I think about it, she might have been interested in me from the very beginning and acted cool to catch my attention, and all this while I thought I have met someone special. It turns out that she was no different from those other women I’ve encountered.”

Hunter’s remarks made Evelyn even more scornful of Vivian. My assumption about Vivian was right after all. She’s indeed a pretentious tr*mp.

“Haven’t I told you earlier? She’s just a vixen who has tons of ways to hook up with men. She must have seduced Finnick using the same way as well.”

Seeing that Evelyn’s doubts had been cleared, Hunter let out a breath of relief within himself. However, Evelyn’s comments concerning Vivian made him frown and also deepened his hatred toward Evelyn.

To shun further slanders of Evelyn about Vivian, Hunter changed the subject. “What substance are you going to use to knock her unconscious? I don’t have anything with me here.”

“Rest assured. I’ve brought it along with me.” With that, Evelyn took out a small bottle from her pocket and poured out a few pills into the glass. “Just dissolve them in the water later and let her drink it.”

“So these are?” Hunter didn’t know what pills she was trying to feed Vivian with.

“Sleeping pills.” Evelyn snickered, “They should be enough to make her snooze for a while.”

What kind of a woman would bring along sleeping pills with her everywhere she goes? Looking at the curve on Evelyn’s lips, Hunter could only feel chills down his own spine.

“Why don’t you hide inside the room first? I reckon that Vivian would be arriving in any minute now.” Calming himself down, Hunter said, “After confirming that she has gone unconscious, I’ll ask you to come out.”

“Sure.” Evelyn agreed with a nod and went into the room.

Looking at the pills in the glass and turning to look at the closed door of the room which Evelyn had just entered, Hunter’s eyes glowed with indifference. Standing up, he threw the glass into the trash can directly and went into the kitchen to get another glass that looked exactly the same. Then, he filled it with warm water and put it on the coffee table.

After getting everything done, Hunter sent a text message to Vivian to update her about Evelyn’s plan.

Very soon, Hunter heard the doorbell and hurried over to open the door. He said loudly on purpose, “Vivian, finally, here you are.”

Looking in from the door, Vivian asked in a low voice, “Where’s Evelyn?”

“Just wear my slippers. With our relationship now, it doesn’t really matter.” After saying that loudly, Hunter added in a hushed voice, “She’s in the room. Just play along later.”

Vivian nodded and walked into the living room after changing into the slippers.

Knowing that Vivian had come, Evelyn who was in the room got so excited she placed her ear against the door to listen to what was happening outside. Vivian, you’re finally falling into my hands!

“Darling, did you miss me?” Signaling Vivian to sit down on the sofa across from him, Hunter intentionally asked in a frivolous tone.

Informed that it was a ruse to deceive Evelyn, Vivian smiled and answered, “Of course, I did. What took you so long that you only contacted me now?”

“Are you blaming me now, baby? I had a case to settle but I called you right after I had finished working, so don’t be mad at me, alright?”

Even though it was only an act, hearing Hunter calling her in such a way, Vivian still felt a little awkward. Nevertheless, she cooperated fully and replied in an affected tone, “Promise you won’t do this again.”

“Alright, alright.” At that moment though, the smile on Hunter’s face was genuine. It was his first time hearing such endearing replies from Vivian, which was unexpectedly adorable.

Hearing the intimate exchanges between Vivian and Hunter, Evelyn couldn’t help but ridicule Vivian in silence. And I thought how virtuous you are, Vivian! It turns out that you’re just a desperate and unctuous tart!

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