Never Late, Never Away Chapter 724

Evelyn was no longer interested in listening to their conversations so she moved away from the door. No wonder Hunter kept running on about how boring and meaningless it was. Those women who had thrown themselves at him were just like Vivian at present.

The conversations between Hunter and Vivian were still ongoing in the living room. Hunter couldn’t really shift his gaze away from Vivian who was flushed, which was a rare sight to him.

While speaking, Hunter pointed at the glass on the table and whispered, “Drink a little and just pretend that you have fainted. Then, I’ll ask Evelyn to come out.”

Vivian nodded and without a second thought, she took the glass and drank half of the water in it. Looking up, she saw Hunter looking at her but within his eyes, there were some inexplicable emotions that she couldn’t make out.

“What is it? Is there any problem?” Vivian asked in bewilderment.

“Nothing. You lie down on the sofa first and I’ll get Evelyn,” Hunter shook his head as he answered.

In fact, seeing that Vivian followed his instructions and drank the water without even a second of hesitation, he was very moved all of a sudden. Regardless of whether they could be together in the end, at the very least, Vivian trusted him fully right in that instance. That was all that mattered to him.

After a while, hearing the knock on the door, Evelyn opened it, looked at Hunter who was standing outside, and asked in a low voice, “Is everything done?”

“Yes.” Hunter nodded. “She has been rendered unconscious and lying on the sofa now.”

“Are you sure?” Evelyn was still worried.

“Of course.” Hunter nodded again. “I saw her drink it with my own eyes and there was totally no response from her even after I’ve called out to her a few times.”

With a smug on her face, Evelyn wheeled out to the living room and saw that Vivian was really lying on the sofa. Beside her on the coffee table sat a glass that was half-emptied.

“Vivian? Vivian Morrison?” Moving closer to Vivian, Evelyn called out a few times as she was still edgy and afraid that she wasn’t knocked unconscious completely.

She proceeded with pushing Vivian several times and was finally relieved when she saw that there was truly no response from Vivian.

Sneering, Evelyn looked at the unconscious Vivian and mocked, “Surprised, huh? After five years, you’ve fallen into my hands once again. You were lucky to escape because Benedict was there to rescue you back then. Let me see if Lady Luck is still on your side this time!”

Evelyn reached out to touch Vivian’s face and ran her pointed nails along her cheek. Her eyes were full of jealousy as she sniggered, “I have to say that your face has grown much prettier after five years. No wonder Finnick has been so engrossed with you as soon as he returned to the country. You are the only one left in his eyes and mind.”

Hunter was standing behind and observing Evelyn’s motions in agitation. He was frightened by the possibility of Evelyn hurting Vivian impulsively. After all the time spent together, he realized eventually that Evelyn was just like a bomb that could go off at any second.

Raising Vivian’s chin with her index finger, Evelyn’s tone turned brutal out of the blue. “Nonetheless, what use is there even if you’ve become prettier? Very soon, Finnick would no longer be able to see this face of yours anymore. But don’t you worry. After all, we’ve known each other for so many years. I’ll grant you a quick way to die and I won’t make you suffer too much. And when you’ve finally disappeared from this world completely, Finnick will notice that there’s still me by his side. The one person who would sacrifice everything just for him.”

Pulling her hand back, Evelyn could already visualize the happy and contented life that she would have with Finnick in the future. A gratified smile appeared across her face.

“By then, he would know how much I love him. We’ll get married and have kids and we’ll live happily with one another forever and ever. We’ve grown up together and I’m the only person who knows him best. Only I deserve to live with him for the rest of our lives. As with you…” Evelyn stopped at that point in time and a contemptuous expression crept up on her face. Her tone was full of disdain.

“You’re just the daughter of a maid. Which part of you can compare to me and how can you ever be worthy of Finnick? How dare you dream of stealing my man with such a status. Just look at who you are! If it wasn’t because of the kidnapping case plotted to help the Morrison family back then, do you think you stand any chance? Do you think you can hook up with Finnick?”

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