Never Late, Never Away Chapter 725

Vivian who was pretending to have lost her consciousness was shocked at what Evelyn said. What is that supposed to mean? What does it mean by “the kidnapping case plotted to help the Morrison family”? Could it be that Evelyn wasn’t the victim of the kidnapping case back then and was the mastermind behind it instead?

Even though Evelyn admittedly revealed previously that she had left Finnick and escaped alone during the fire in the past. In Vivian’s opinion, she had always thought that it was because Evelyn was too young and was afraid then, which was why she ran away.

She had never thought that Evelyn might have devised the kidnapping herself. How old was she back then? She was such a young girl. How could she have done such a malicious thing?

Holding back the overwhelming emotions within her, Vivian tried to keep herself as composed as possible. She wanted to hear from Evelyn what really happened in the past.

Nevertheless, Evelyn didn’t continue on that topic but resumed to ridicule Vivian instead, “Initially, I thought that you might have some affection for Finnick, but Vivian, you have never failed to disappoint me. In fact, you are but a tr*mp behind closed doors—you’d throw yourself at any man who crooks his finger to beckon you over. So how was it, huh? Did I happen to fulfill your wishes by drugging you last time? Hunter told me you were greatly fervid in bed.”

Hunter’s face darkened in an instance as he heard Evelyn’s words. Vivian is f*cking conscious now. What is this woman bullsh*itting? Will Vivian misunderstand me as she hears this?

Vivian couldn’t help but hold her fist tightly as she heard that. Even her breathing was growing heavier and her lips were slightly trembling. No one could possibly stay cool listening to such insults directed at oneself. She felt as though there was a volcano within her that was about to erupt.

Fortunately, Evelyn was still excitedly talking and didn’t seem to notice these inconspicuous actions of Vivian. “I guess you must have slept with a bunch of men within these five years. Tell me, how could such a cheap tart like you be worthy of Finnick?”

Hunter had a hard time restraining himself from yanking Evelyn out as he listened to her filthy words. The only reason he didn’t actually do that was that he was afraid of ruining Vivian’s plan. Hence, he could only hold his fingers in a fist and endured it in silence.

Evelyn was getting more and more aggressive. “I’m the only one who loves Finnick wholeheartedly. I’ve only loved this man alone since young. Apart from him, I’ve never taken extra glances at any other men. Only I deserve to be Mrs. Norton and the lady of Norton Corporation. You’re just a worthless tart. How dare you try to steal my man!”

“Enough Evelyn! Shut the f*ck up!” Vivian couldn’t hold it any longer and sat up abruptly on the sofa. “I dare you to try and spew another insult at me!”

“Argh!” Seeing that Vivian had gained consciousness, Evelyn was so frightened she hurriedly wheeled herself backward. “How did you wake up? Weren’t you knocked out?”

“I’m really sorry to disappoint you.” Staring at Evelyn spitefully, Vivian bared her teeth as she squeezed those words one by one through her mouth.

“Hunter, what’s going on? Didn’t you check and confirm that she had passed out?” Evelyn turned around and yelled at Hunter, “What are you doing standing there? Quick, pin her down!”

Listening to Evelyn’s words, Hunter let out a scoff but remained on the spot.

“Hurry up, what are you doing?” Missing Hunter’s expression, Evelyn kept demanding that he took action as she continued wheeling herself in reverse, as though Vivian was a plague.

Under normal circumstances, Evelyn would never be afraid of Vivian because she took Vivian as a simpleton who wouldn’t have any ulterior motive or hidden agenda. She would only be fooled by her. Does she think I am scared of her? What a ludicrous joke.

However, as she had borne the thought that Vivian was unconscious all this while, seeing her wake up and berate her all of a sudden was as good as seeing a corpse coming back to life. It was only normal that she would be nervous.

However, noticing that Hunter still didn’t take any action, Evelyn turned around at him, just to find him giving her a devious look and there was even a trace of an inexplicable smile on his face.

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