Never Late, Never Away Chapter 726

Wait a minute! What does Hunter’s expression mean? Could it be… Evelyn realized that something wasn’t right as she pushed the wheelchair to turn around and head for the door.

As soon as she moved, she felt a strong feeling of dizziness coming from her head, her whole body went limp, and she was unable to use any strength.

What’s going on? Evelyn panicked thoroughly as she shouted at Hunter and Vivian right away, “What did you do to me? Why am I…”

“Why would you feel dizzy and that your whole body has no strength?” Vivian interrupted and stood up from the sofa.

“What’s wrong? Are you the only person allowed to spike others but others can’t do the same to you? Don’t worry, I’m not as evil as you. This drug would only weaken your body and won’t cause any serious harm. After all, there are some things I want to hear out of your own mouth!” Vivian’s tone was even more aggravated as her eyes darkened.

I was drugged? As Evelyn heard that, she was a bit overwhelmed. How could this be? When did it happen and why didn’t I notice anything?

As Evelyn tried to remember what happened before, she suddenly thought about the glass of water Hunter gave to her when they were in the car. Was there something wrong with that glass of water?

As Evelyn stared in disbelief at Hunter, she shouted, “Did you spike that glass of water? How dare you help her and do this to me? Why? Didn’t you say you don’t like her anymore!”

“How would you believe me if I didn’t say that?” After he walked up next to Evelyn, Hunter lowered his head and said, “Evelyn, I really like Vivian, that’s why I would definitely not help you harm her. The reason why I said that to you was just to get you to drop your guard.”

“So you didn’t have sex with her or drug her at all, right? It’s all a lie and you’ve been lying to me! What’s so great about this b*tch? Why are you helping her? Why is everyone helping her!”

Evelyn screamed at Hunter, she could not accept the truth of the matter in her heart. How could it turn out like this? Why am I the one who is being fooled?

“No, it can’t be!” Evelyn suddenly lifted her head and stared at Vivian at the thought of something. Then she said, “I spiked the braised pork and saw you eating it. How could you be alright after that?”

Vivian’s whole body emitted a horrifying aura as she walked toward Evelyn. “So you did really do that, Evelyn. I’ve always wanted to ask you, how have I offended you? Why are you always trying to cause me harm? You even on with such underhanded tricks!”

“That’s because you deserve to die!” Evelyn shouted frantically, “You’ve offended me by stealing Finnick away from me. He’s mine. Not only did we grow up together, I was his first love too. He is mine, so how are you qualified to marry him! Since you dare to steal what belongs to me, I will make you pay for it!”

“Then, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you.” Vivian continued telling Evelyn, “Not only am I alright, but Finnick was also the one who took me to the hospital. Do you think he would still want to be with you after finding out all those nasty things you’ve done?”

“Finnick sent you to the hospital?” Evelyn found it hard to believe what she had just heard. “So whatever you’ve told me earlier was all fake? Haha! It’s all fake. All of you conspired and lied to me. You’re even helping this b*tch to lie to me!”

Evelyn laughed out loud as she pointed at Vivian. As she was suddenly triggered by the truth that was revealed to her, it felt as if she was having a mental breakdown.

“Shut up, Evelyn!” Vivian couldn’t hold back anymore after being called a b*tch over and over again by the person who had set her up.

After bending forward and holding Evelyn down, Vivian looked into her eyes and asked in a stern voice, “What happened during the kidnapping back then? What did you mean when you said you concocted the kidnapping in order to save the Morrisons? Did you and Mark kidnap Finnick together?”

The moment she heard Vivian said that, Evelyn returned to her senses and panicked as she blamed herself for mentioning that matter so suddenly because of a slip of the tongue.

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