Never Late, Never Away Chapter 727

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. How is it possible for me to kidnap Finnick? I don’t have a clue about that because what had happened back then has nothing to do with me. I’m also a victim and I don’t know anything.” Evelyn spoke incoherently as she avoided Vivian’s gaze.

“Then, explain what you mean when you said that just now. Why did you say that!” Vivian asked relentlessly.

Five years ago, she was very suspicious of the kidnapping case and asked Samuel to get someone to investigate it again. Although they found some clues, she went ahead with the divorce with Finnick before the truth was revealed. After that, she fled the country without returning and did not pursue the matter further ever since.

When Vivian heard Evelyn say that, she felt deep within her heart that she must have had something to do with what happened in the past. Today, I must find out the truth no matter what!

“I… I… I didn’t say anything earlier. I don’t know what you’re asking.” Evelyn could only deny it because she couldn’t think of any good excuses.

Upon seeing that, Vivian was even more sure about her own suspicions as she said, “Evelyn, it’s too late for you to deny it now. No matter what, you must come clean to me about this matter today. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being harsh with you!”

Evelyn didn’t take Vivian’s threat to heart at all. They had fought for so many years, so they knew each other fairly well. It seemed to her that Vivian was someone with a soft heart and was not very ambitious. She was never ruthless and decisive enough to succeed at anything.

At the thought of that, Evelyn regained her composure and said, “Don’t start threatening me, Vivian. Let me go immediately, otherwise I will never let this slide!”

“So you’re going to be stubborn and not come clean, right?” With a slightly raised tone and a dangerous expression on her face, Vivian said, “Alright, you’re the one who is forcing me. I want to see how you’re not going to let things slide with me.”

Vivian stood up, turned to face Hunter and said, “Go out for a while, it’s not convenient for you to be here for what’s about to happen.”

Upon hearing Vivian’s words, Hunter couldn’t help but worry as he responded, “Vivian, what are you planning to do? It would be better for me to accompany you here. If you’re alone in here, I’ll be worried.”

After taking a glance at Evelyn, Vivian said to Hunter, “Don’t worry. She’s weak now, so nothing will happen to me. You can go ahead and wait outside.”

“Then, tell me what you are planning to do.” Hunter walked next to Vivian and asked her while staring into her eyes. He could tell that Vivian was acting quite impulsive and he was worried that she would do something out of character.

Before Vivian had a chance to reply, Evelyn who was on one side started to yell in panic, “Why are you asking Hunter to go out? Vivian, you b*tch! What are you planning to do to me!”

Vivian walked next to Evelyn with her eyebrows furrowed, then she said, “What do I want to do? Why not you ask yourself what you did to me back then! Evelyn, all the fear and despair I’ve felt back then, I want you to experience all of them today.”

Having said that, Vivian turned her head toward Hunter and said, “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing and I won’t do anything reckless.”

Hunter let out a sigh as he was relieved to see that Vivian had not lost her senses. However, he wasn’t entirely comfortable with Vivian being alone with Evelyn.

Despite the fact that Evelyn was spiked and couldn’t move, she was still a manipulative and scheming person. No one could predict what Evelyn’s next trick would be, nor could they guarantee that Vivian would be safe this time.

“Vivian, I…”

Seeing that Hunter was about to say something, Vivian interrupted him and uttered, “Hunter, I want to solve this matter myself. This is between me and her. Can you please go out for a while?”

As Hunter saw the determination in Vivian’s eyes, he hesitated for a moment before compromising. “Alright, I’ll wait outside. Remember to call me immediately if anything happens.”

“Alright.” Vivian nodded her head as she stared at Hunter gratefully.

After Hunter left, Vivian turned to look at Evelyn and said, “It’s just us now. I’ll give you one last chance, tell me what happened during the kidnapping back then?”

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