Never Late, Never Away Chapter 728

“Vivian, you shameless b*tch! Let me go!” Upon looking at Vivian’s cold expression, Evelyn was finally terrified. “What you’re doing now is interrogating me illegally and this is against the law. Let me go, otherwise I won’t let this slide easily!”

After hearing Evelyn’s words, Vivian couldn’t help but feel rather amused about it.

“Evelyn, I thought you’re not aware of what’s illegal. So it appears that you actually knew. What about those things you did to me previously? Don’t you find it funny when you’re talking to me about all these! Are you going to tell me about what happened back then!”

“I have nothing to do with the kidnapping. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Evelyn insisted on not telling her anything about it because everything would go down the drain if she did.

When Vivian saw Evelyn refused to come clean, she didn’t say anything more, walked right next to her and grabbed her by the clothes.

Vivian had no choice but to resort to other methods to get her to speak, since she wasn’t willing to come clean herself.

Evelyn was shocked by Vivian’s sudden movement. After she was stunned for a while, she began to struggle to let herself loose. However, her body was unable to exude any strength, so she could only let Vivian do whatever she wanted.

“Why are you removing my clothes, Vivian! Go away, get away from me! You b*tch! Go away and don’t touch me!” As Vivian started removing her clothing piece by piece, Evelyn was on the verge of a mental breakdown as she cried and screamed at Vivian.

Vivian proceeded to remove Evelyn’s last piece of clothing while ignoring her screams. Then she took out her cell phone and started taking photos of her.

Evelyn became frantic the moment she realized Vivian’s intention. “Vivian, stop right now! You b*tch, what are you doing! You shameless b*tch, you b*stard! Delete them right now and stop taking photos immediately!”

After she had taken a dozen photos, Vivian put down her cell phone and sneered at Evelyn while staring at her, “Didn’t you say you’re not going to let things slide easily? Are you scared now?”

“Vivian, you’re inhumane!” Evelyn’s face was drenched in tears. “How can you do such a thing? How dare you do such a thing to me!”

“Back then, you even dared to find a beggar to insult me and I’m just taking a few photos of you right now. Why wouldn’t I dare to do that!” Vivian exclaimed in a stern voice while her face was full of hatred. She seemed completely different from her usual self.

Even though it had been many years since that incident, it had always been a source of pain for her. She would never forget the image of that beggar getting close to her. Every time she thought of the scene where she was surrounded and someone tearing off her clothes, she just couldn’t wait to destroy Evelyn herself.

“How does it feel when I removed your clothes and take photos of you earlier? Helplessness? Despair?” As she bent down and glared at Evelyn, Vivian’s eyes were filled with hatred. “What you’re experiencing right now is nothing compared to what I felt then. I’ve suffered much worse pain and suffering than this!”

“When you were taking pictures of me being insulted, you should have expected that what comes around, goes around—you will definitely receive karma one day!”

“Serve you right. You deserved that!” At that moment, Evelyn was only filled with hatred for Vivian, regretting not killing her back then. “Vivian, you deserve to die. I won’t let go of you and I’ll definitely not let things slide! I should have killed you back then. You deserve to die!”

Having heard Evelyn cursing at her, Vivian had the urge to slap someone for the first time. How can she not have a shred of remorse after doing that to me back then?

Vivian forced herself to hold back her anger as she held her phone up directly in front of Evelyn’s face. “Evelyn, you better honestly tell me everything about the kidnapping back then. Don’t force me to expose these photos.”

“Don’t you dare! You’re now allowed to do that. Vivian, you cannot do that!” Once Evelyn heard Vivian wanted to publish her naked photos, she instantly panicked.

“Then, explain clearly to me what happened back then!”

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