Never Late, Never Away Chapter 729

“I… I don’t know. I don’t know anything.” Evelyn shook her head as she sobbed. I can’t tell her. I absolutely cannot tell her.

Vivian got a little impatient after she heard Evelyn continued denying. Seems like she’s not going to give up until shit hits the fan. Don’t blame me for being relentless then.

While Vivian was thinking about the best way to make Evelyn talk, her phone rang suddenly. Then, she grabbed it and saw it was Finnick.

After taking a glance at Evelyn, Vivian picked up the phone. Since this matter is related to Finnick, it’s better for him to come over and hear it from Evelyn himself.

“Vivian, it’s me. How’s the plan going?” On the other end of the phone, Finnick’s voice sounded anxious. Though he promised Vivian he would let her solve this matter herself, he was still worried that she would be unable to handle Evelyn’s ruthlessness and let herself get hurt again.

“Everything is running smoothly. I’m at Hunter’s house now. You can come over as well since there’s something I want you to listen to,” Vivian replied.

“Alright, I’ll go over now. Wait for me.” After hearing her words, Finnick immediately responded.

After hanging up the phone, Vivian dangled the phone in front of Evelyn and asked, “Do you know who just called me?”

Evelyn who was naked at that moment couldn’t even care about that as she replied, “You b*tch, quickly let go of me! Vivian, you will pay for doing this. You will definitely be punished!”

“I will be punished?” Vivian glared coldly at her and said, “Evelyn, you’re just asking for it. You’re being punished for what you’ve done to me in the past. You deserve all of this!”

“Had you listened to me and divorced Finnick back then, I wouldn’t have to ask someone to kidnap you. It’s all your fault. Vivian, you asked for it and you can’t blame me for it!”

Evelyn shouted at Vivian indignantly. She looked like a crazy woman as her hair had scattered all over the place and stuck onto her tear-stained face.

While hearing that Evelyn was still being so unreasonable, a sense of helplessness suddenly washed over Vivian. How could I reason with someone like her? Maybe she’s used to having a victim mentality and always think that others are bullying her.

After taking a deep breath, Vivian laughed at herself inwardly. I even wanted to hear Evelyn apologize to me. How silly of me, I must be dreaming.

“Evelyn, I might as well just tell you. The person who called me earlier was Finnick. I want you to personally tell him about what happened back then.”

After hearing Vivian said that she had called Finnick over, Evelyn panicked and said, “Why did you ask him to come over? Let me tell you, I have nothing to do with what happened back then. It’s no use even if you ask Finnick to come over.”

“Really?” Vivian responded flatly, “I hope you can still be this stubborn later.” Having said that, Vivian walked over to pick up Evelyn’s clothes and put them back on for her.

As Evelyn glanced at Vivian’s mouth curled into a faint smile, a palpable fear surged through her. It was clear that the person in front of her was not the same Vivian she used to manipulate and toy with.

“What the heck are you going to do?” Evelyn’s voice trembled as she stared into Vivian’s eyes, as if she had met a devil. “Vivian, I’m warning you. Don’t you do anything reckless!”

As Vivian put the jacket on Evelyn haphazardly, she ignored her and immediately went to the bathroom.

After washing her hands repeatedly with soap, the discomfort in Vivian’s heart slowly dissipated. Although she wasn’t sure why she suddenly experienced a feeling of not being able to breathe.

As she lifted her head and looked in the mirror, her mind flashed back to the scene where she was almost insulted. No, I can’t be soft-hearted. Evelyn deserves this. What happened back then must be settled and end today.

Seeing Vivian walking out, Evelyn immediately shouted at her, “You are never going to expose those photos. Let’s talk civilly. You can’t be so vile!”

Initially wanting to open the door and look for Hunter, Vivian rushed towards Evelyn after hearing her talk like that. Her eyes were aglow with spite as she stared back at her.

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