Never Late, Never Away Chapter 733

Evelyn choked as she continued talking. “My brother was the person who loved me the most and cared for me since I was a child. He would promise me anything I asked for and carry all the burdens alone. He has never let me suffer.”

That was why she hated Vivian in the first place. Not only had she taken away her position as the Morrison family’s precious daughter, but she also took away her only family, the person who had cared for her most. Without Benedict, no one would care for her that way anymore.

“However, I found out about this in the end.” Evelyn continued, “One day in school, I fought with a girl with whom I didn’t see eye to eye but behave in front of me. However, she acted rather arrogantly toward me that day. Not only did she say that the Morrison Group was going to file for bankruptcy very soon, she told me that I would lose my status and the privileges. In short, I wouldn’t be able to treat her like I used to.”

Evelyn could still remember how arrogant that girl was to her then. Every time she thought about her, she felt compelled to go up and scratch her ugly face!

“I was very angry at that time. After having a big argument with her, I ran home and wanted to ask Benedict about everything. However, when I arrived home, I saw him pleading and desperately talking to someone in the living room. I tried to eavesdrop on their conversation out of curiosity. Then, I discovered that person was an investor in the Morrison Group. After my parents passed away, he was not sure that my brother would be able to manage the Morrison Group well, so he wanted to retract his money. Ben tried every way to persuade him. He promised the investors he would manage Morrison Group well and not lose their money by any means. But not only was that person not interested, but he also said he wanted to withdraw his investments and Ben must compensate him for any breach of contract. Until the investor left, I saw Ben sitting on the sofa alone, gazing at the effigy of my parents. As he mumbled to himself, he said he was useless for not being able to protect his sister and the Morrison Group.”

Evelyn said with tears streaming down her face as her emotions had been completely caught up in the memories. The period back then in her life was definitely one of her most unforgettable experiences.

“To me, Ben was the most excellent and proud person. I have never seen him grovel to others before. I was terrified at that moment because I realized I could no longer secure my position as the privileged daughter of the Morrison family. In the end, I decided that no matter what method I choose, I must restore the Morrison family to its former glory in order to maintain my lifesyle.”

Having said that, Evelyn’s eyes shone with a rare determination. In fact, she admitted that she was more concerned about herself than Benedict or the Morrison family. In comparison with the girls around her, her family background was the best, and she was showered with all kinds of luxury. Unfortunately, there was a possibility of losing everything and it was something she couldn’t bear to think about.

If this was really the end of the Morrison family, who would still treat me with respect? If my future days were going to be same as today, does that mean I will be ridiculed by those who looked down on me before?

The mere thought of such a life drove Evelyn insane. If the Morrison family’s tragic fate was really irreversible, she’d rather die than live such a miserable life.

As Vivian heard Evelyn’s words, she couldn’t help but feel some sadness in her heart. Without anybody’s support back then, it must be very difficult for Benedict to support everything on his own, right?

During those years of living with him, she was always protected from any difficulties or crises by her brother. In addition, he took care of her in every way, never letting her suffer even the slightest bit.

However, what about those early years? Those years when he was still a teenager and had to carry those pains, who was there to help him when he wasn’t so strong?

As she wiped away her tears with her hand, Evelyn continued, “I talked to many people without Ben’s knowledge, but those people were either incapable of helping or unwilling to help. I went and look for all the people I knew but I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to help my family.”

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