Never Late, Never Away Chapter 734

“It was then that I realized all my friends and those who were close to me were just bullsh*t! We would act like we had the best relationship when things were fine and we went shopping and eating out. When things did not go well, no one stepped forward to help and everyone ran away for fear of getting into trouble,” Evelyn sneered.

Finnick interrupted all of a sudden. “Why didn’t you come and see me?” After hearing that, Vivian looked at him and noticed his eyes were filled with an inexplicable emotion.

Vivian gripped her chest with her hand as she felt her heart sink. It seemed as if she had an insurmountable block in her heart and she felt insufferable.

Could it be that Finnick still cares about Evelyn? Otherwise, why would he ask her that?

Hunter, who had been watching Vivian closely, took a step forward in fear that she might not be feeling well when he saw her gesture.

As soon as Hunter took a step, he stopped in his tracks as something came to his mind. Then, he smiled bitterly and then retreated back to his original position.

While Finnick and Vivian focused on listening to Evelyn, no one noticed Hunter’s hesitant movements except for himself.

After hearing Finnick’s question, the corners of Evelyn’s lips curled up helplessly as she responded, “Indeed. At that point, I also realized there was only one way to get the Morrison Group out of trouble, which was to seek help from Norton Corporation. But what good would it do if I went to see you? At that time, you and I were about the same age, you have no power, and you also did not own any shares in Norton Corporation then. How could you help me then?”

Finnick’s eyes darkened after hearing Evelyn said that. Although he hated the despicable Evelyn now, he had to admit that he did like her very much when he was young. Besides Samuel, she was the most important person in his life.

He would have asked his grandfather to help the Morrison Group if she had come to him. Seeing that his grandfather loved him very much, he would have agreed to do that.

It turned out that she had been thinking about him as a useless rich kid at the time who was not cognizant enough for her to ask for help.

“So you went and asked for help from Mark?” Vivian asked immediately. Is this why they conspired to kidnap Finnick?

As she avoided looking at Finnick, Evelyn’s voice trembled as she said, “Yes, I had no choice but to go and see Mark. He was the only one who could help me back then, and he was the only one who was willing to do so. Norton Corporation and Morrison Group’s collaboration would give Morrison Group a chance to make a comeback again.”

After a short pause, Evelyn’s eyes were filled with mockery as she continued, “However, I also knew that Mark would not help me for nothing. No one would help me for nothing as everyone has their own interests in mind. No one will do anything that is not in their own interest.”

“So what did you promise him?” While clenching his fists, Finnick’s veins became visible on his forehead as he asked furiously. He knew what she was going to say next, but he wasn’t ready to accept it as the truth. How could they do that!

Evelyn, whose eyes were filled with tears, couldn’t bear to look at Finnick’s expression any longer, then she lowered her head and mumbled, “So… so I made a deal with Mark. I told him that as long as he can help the Morrison family get out of the difficult situation; I will help him get rid of the thorn in his heart, which was you, his own brother.”

Evelyn raised her head and explained frantically, “Finnick, the reason I said that at that time was just to coax him. It was never my intention to cause you any harm, so please trust me! It was just a matter of coaxing him to save the Morrisons in dire strait.”

Actually, Finnick was mentally prepared when he heard Vivian mention that Evelyn and Mark planned the kidnapping case together. However, he wasn’t able to hold back the shock and grief in him the moment he heard Evelyn’s confession.

Despite the two of us being madly in love with each other, Evelyn could even go to such great lengths as to sacrifice my life in order to save the Morrisons and to maintain her status.

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