Never Late, Never Away Chapter 735

He was devoted to Evelyn that time and treated her as the closest person to him. He never hide anything from her because he trusted her fully and adored her.

Growing up, Mark never liked him and he knew it since he was not a dimwit. Every time he saw other siblings living harmoniously together, he couldn’t help but feel sad and expressed his feelings to Evelyn. It never occurred to him that Evelyn would take advantage of his trust and use him as a bargaining chip against Mark.

No matter how much love he gave her throughout the years, it meant nothing to her. She would even betray the relationship they had for many years so easily. The most absurd thing was that he didn’t even notice after all these years.

“As you said earlier Evelyn, you like Finnick a lot. If you really did like him, how could you do such a cruel thing to him!”

After hearing Evelyn’s confession about her conspiring with Mark, Vivian couldn’t help but shout angrily at her. In her opinion, she believed that wealth was something that could be earned but not forced. Considering how precious human life is, why would anyone sacrifice another person’s life for some selfish means?

Upon hearing that, Evelyn laughed uncontrollably as her face was drenched in tears. “Vivian, what do you know? Have you ever had the experience when everything around you falls apart, have you ever gone through that before! If I hadn’t done that, I would lose my status as the privileged daughter of the Morrison family. Then, how could I be with Finnick? I did that because I loved him!”

“You need to kill him because you loved him?” Vivian scoffed at such absurdity. “Evelyn, don’t you think what you just said is absolutely ridiculous?”

“Of course, a low-life like you wouldn’t be able to understand any of that!” Evelyn argued with an agitated expression. “Finnick is the heir to the Norton Corporation. In the event that Morrison Group were to go bankrupt, what would become of me and my family? Will the Nortons approve of our relationship? As long as I can keep my status as the proud daughter of Morrisons, we would have a chance at being together forever!”

While staring at Evelyn in disbelief, Vivian was at a loss for words. I don’t understand how someone’s logic can be so twisted to this degree. At the end of the day, she cared more about herself than Finnick. In spite of this, she refused to admit it to herself and chose to call it ‘love’ instead.

“Keep talking.” Finnick stared at Evelyn nonchalantly while he said that. No one could tell what he was thinking.

“Finnick, I really do love you but it was impossible for me to just watch the Morrisons ruined without doing anything. Therefore, I chose to work with Mark. However, I swear to God that I didn’t intend to put your life at risk. I was only lying to Mark when I said those things to him. I was just thinking…”

Since she was not able to decipher Finnick’s expressions, Evelyn came up with a range of excuses. Before she could continue explaining, Finnick interrupted her.

“Keep talking!” Finnick exclaimed impatiently as his tone rose, interspersed with rage. You didn’t intend to put my life at risk? That’s a nice way to spin it. I was lucky to be able to escape from that. Who would she say that to if things turned out badly!

Now, I want to hear how my own brother and my ex-girlfriend conspired to harm me in detail.

Evelyn’s heart was filled with fear as she trembled after hearing Finnick’s words. After so many years with Finnick, she knew that this time things were different from the past, and she was afraid that he would not let her off so easily.

Evelyn’s entire body trembled, then she bit her lips, cleared her throat and said, “After Mark gave me his word, he asked me to find a way to bring you somewhere far so that he could get someone to kidnap you.”

Evelyn took a quick glance at Finnick and she panicked. “During that time when we went out for fun, Mark sent some people to follow us and waited for an opportunity to attack.”

After hearing that, Finnick clenched his fists so tight that his joints started to crack. He also remembered that Evelyn’s mood during that time was not very good as well. However, when he asked her about it, she refused to tell him anything.

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