Never Late, Never Away Chapter 736

Later that day, she said that she was bored and wanted to have some fun, so he agreed immediately and drove her to the suburbs with him.

But in the end, this was all just a trap waiting to get sprung on him.

Vivian lowered her head and glanced at Finnick’s hand when she heard a cracking sound. It wasn’t clear if he was shocked or angry, but his hand was trembling slightly. After a moment of hesitation, she reached out and grabbed his hand.

After so many years, the truth is finally out. To find out that he was betrayed and hurt by the person he used to trust the most, his heart must be aching really bad right now.

With the warmth emanating from her hand, Finnick was finally able to relax his tense body. He turned around to look at the worried Evelyn while he tried to calm himself down. Then, he grasped Vivian’s hand to reassure her that he was fine.

Hunter’s eyes darkened as he looked at the two hands clasped together in front of him. Evelyn, whose head was down, did not see the interaction between the two. As she continued explaining what happened back then, her voice still trembled.

“After that, you knew what happened. Mark told the kidnappers to drug us, tie us up, and take us to that broken warehouse.” Having said that, Evelyn looked up cautiously at Finnick and she was shocked to see both of them holding hands.

Evelyn felt infuriated as jealousy replaced fear in her eyes. Although she worked so hard over the years, in the end, it was another woman who benefited and was to marry Finnick.

As Vivian saw Evelyn’s expression change, she also realized that something was wrong. Then, she hurriedly retracted her hand Finnick was holding on to. After regaining her composure, Vivian asked, “During my investigation five years ago, I discovered that you left the fire scene alone. What about that?”

Evelyn’s resentment towards Vivian increased when she heard Vivian’s question. Why does she deliberately ask me so many questions? Is she trying to ruin my relationship with Finnick completely?

As Evelyn saw Finnick’s ice-cold look, she knew she had no choice but to answer at that moment. “I, I wasn’t really drugged and I was conscious back then. Mark told those people to pretend to kidnap me. Thus, I was able to untie myself easily and leave the scene.”

“Then, you left Finnick all alone there!” Vivian was furious and shocked after hearing Evelyn’s words. “Didn’t you say you had no intention of hurting him previously? Do you know how dangerous it was to leave a person alone in that situation? It’s obvious you were trying to get him killed!”

Finnick was touched when he heard Vivian was full of rage over Evelyn’s statement. Since she is so angry because of me, does that mean she still cares deeply for me?

The thought of that made Finnick feel utterly regretful. Five years ago, Vivian told him that she suspected Evelyn had escaped the fire scene on her own. However, not only did he not trust her, he even thought that she was trying to frame Evelyn because she was jealous and envious of her.

Come to think of it, if I had believed her and investigate extensively on that matter back then, then the truth would have come to light sooner and we wouldn’t have to separate for so many years.

“I did not.” Evelyn denied frantically, then she turned to Finnick and said, “Finnick, you have to trust me. I didn’t intend to hurt you. It was Mark, I never thought he would be so relentless. I even untied your rope when I was leaving because I was worried you’ll be in danger. I didn’t want you to die!”

“Since your intention was just to cause me harm, why did you pretend to be dead and went abroad?” Finnick said coldly while ignoring Evelyn’s useless explanation.

“I… I…” Evelyn’s eyes darted everywhere as she struggled to speak.

“Why!” Finnick’s voice grew louder as he asked his question a second time. His body emitted a massive aura that filled the room.

“It’s Mark!” As she was frightened by Finnick, Evelyn pushed all the blame to Mark. “Mark was afraid that people would start investigating this matter, so he told me to pretend to be dead and go abroad. He… he even gave me a huge sum of money so I wouldn’t tell anyone and to never come back again.”

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