Never Late, Never Away Chapter 737

Even so, Evelyn felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at Finnick. In reality, she was the one who came up with the idea of pretending to be dead and going abroad to avoid being investigated. She came up with that idea so that Mark would promise her as soon as possible.

She also used this as a reason to blackmail Mark. Therefore, not only did she take all the money given by the Nortons to save Finnick, but Mark also gave her a few millions of his own funds. She would be able to live a life of luxury abroad with so much money.

“So who told you to come back?” Finnick’s eyebrows twitched as his face was filled with anger. They could sacrifice my life without hesitation for the sake of money and power. I feel sad for the young Finnick back then.

“I came back for you,” Evelyn said tearfully. “Finnick, after I went abroad, I realized how important you were to me. It was impossible for me to forget you or to let go of our relationship. Throughout all these years, I have kept an eye on you. As soon as I learned you were married, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, so I came back.”

Evelyn reached out to pull Finnick, but he dodged her. Then, she began crying more ferociously. “I really love you, Finnick. Even though so many years have passed, I still love you and have you at heart. I love you a thousand times more than Vivian, without you, I can’t live at all.”

As Evelyn felt her hand regaining strength, she wheeled herself in front of Finnick and wanted to throw herself at him.

“Finnick, we have spent many years growing up together. No one knows you better than I do, and no one suits you better than me. So let’s get back together, alright? Our life will be like how it used to be, with a lot of love and joy. Why don’t we get married? I will…”

“Enough!” As he pushed away Evelyn’s hand, Finnick’s face was fill with hatred. “Evelyn, I’m really disgusted by you!”

“What? What did you say to me, Finnick?” After hearing his words, Evelyn was utterly shocked as she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. It’s impossible for Finnick to say that to me.

“I said I’m disgusted by what you’ve just said.” As he glared coldly at Evelyn, Finnick repeated his words slowly.

Disgusted? Finnick’s words instantly paralyzed Evelyn’s body. She felt as if her entire strength was drained and the fantasy she held in her heart suddenly vanished into thin air.

“I made you feel disgusted, I actually made you feel disgusted…” Evelyn was lost in thought and in tears as she repeated her words.

As Evelyn stared blankly at Finnick, her emotions took over, and she started shouting at him, “How can you say that to me? I love you so much that I gave up everything I had abroad to come back to you. I lost my family, both my legs and my job because of you. There is nothing left for me. How can you treat me like this!”

“You have brought all these upon yourself, don’t blame anything on me!” Finnick said sternly, “If you didn’t do all those harmful things to Vivian back then, how would you end up being in such a situation? Am I the one who had wronged you after everything that had happened!”

“But I really love you,” Evelyn screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks. While her eyes filled with desperation, her body leaned toward Finnick.

“I did all those things because I love you, Finnick. All I wanted was for you to come back to me. We were so in love with each other, so why did you marry someone else? How can you end up with someone else suddenly! Finnick, I love you. You have to believe that I really love you. Let’s get back together again, alright? Vivian is not worthy of you at all and I’m the only one who understands you. I will treat you well for the rest of my life, so why can’t we be together again like how we used to? I…”

Vivian couldn’t bear to listen to Evelyn anymore, so she interrupted her abruptly. “You are not in love with him at all, you’re just doing it for selfish reasons. Compared to Finnick, you care more about fame and wealth, right?”

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