Never Late, Never Away Chapter 738

“Shut up, Vivian!” Evelyn turned to look at her. Then, she pointed at her and scolded her furiously.

“What do you know? How could you say that I don’t love Finnick? When we were together, you weren’t even in the picture! We went to school and grew up together. He loves me and I love him too. The time we spent together was amazing. Who are you to come between us and mess things up!”

After hearing Evelyn’s words, Finnick felt his rage bubbling from within once more. Just when he was about to ask her to shut up, Vivian had already voiced up with a tone full of rage.

“If you really like him, why were you so cruel and conspire with others to harm him? In addition, you even said you needed to keep your status as the Morrison’s privileged daughter to be with him forever. Then, why did you pretend to be dead, go abroad and left him alone in the country?”

“I, I…” Evelyn was suddenly at a loss for words, but after taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she replied, “However, I came back after that. And the reason for my return was because of Finnick. I love him! I told you earlier that I was just trying to coax Mark and that was why I went abroad. I’ve been trying to find ways to come back and my heart is always with Finnick.”

Upon hearing that, Vivian smiled coldly and said, “Evelyn, don’t you think your excuse is ridiculous? Ultimately, you only love yourself. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Finnick did not escape from the fire? He could have been burned to death!”

“He won’t!” Evelyn retorted loudly, “I untied his rope and I didn’t want him to die. I just wanted to save the Morrison family. I…”

“How can you guarantee that Finnick would be able to escape just because you untied his rope!” Vivian asked sternly, “Did you even think of his safety when you flee the scene without him?”

After taking a deep breath, Vivian sneered as she glared at Evelyn. “Throughout these years, you said you have kept an eye on Finnick, correct? Alright then. Let me ask you this question. Since you’ve been getting news about him, you must have known about the disability on both his legs. Why did you not come back and take care of him at that time? Why did you only come back after finding out that he was pretending to be disabled?”

“Back then, I…” Evelyn was so perplexed by the question that she was unable to answer it.

“Evelyn, the reason why you say you love Finnick now is because he has become successful, and you cannot give up on such a good support. If Finnick was not in charge of Norton Corporation and Finnor Group now, would you still come back if his legs were really disabled? Would you still say that you like him?” Vivian questioned Evelyn indignantly.

Evelyn was stunned when she heard Vivian’s questions. Initially, she was mad the moment she heard that Finnick had gotten married, especially since she knew he had married someone of average birth and appearance. Though she was mad then, she wondered why she had not thought about returning.

Evelyn considered this question in her heart, but dared not think any further about it. No, I’m not that kind of person. I admit that I do care a lot about fame and wealth, but I love Finnick. I really love him. I didn’t have a single boyfriend when I was abroad for so many years because I couldn’t forget him.

With the thought of that in mind, Evelyn regained her composure and screamed at Vivian, “Yes! I will still like him! Vivian, you don’t understand the bond Finnick and I have. Since we have been together so many years, how could you know how much we love each other? You don’t know anything, so what gives you the right to say that about me!”

“I don’t want to know either.” Vivian didn’t want to listen to Evelyn anymore after hearing her meaningless words, since reasoning with someone like that was pointless.

Vivian pulled out her phone and planned to contact the police. Evelyn had already confessed that she conspired with Mark regarding the kidnapping back then, and Hunter and Finnick had also heard about it. With all the evidence in hand, she was going to make Evelyn pay for the crimes she had committed in the past.

Just as she was pressing on her phone, they suddenly heard someone banging on the door. Vivian, Finnick and Hunter looked at each other and shook their heads, as they weren’t expecting anyone to show up at this time.

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