Never Late, Never Away Chapter 739

With her eyebrows creased deeply, Vivian was just about to step forward to open the room door when Finnick pulled her back and pushed her behind him. “We don’t know who’s in there yet, so let me open the door instead.”

After saying that, he strode right up and opened the room door. When Vivian saw the person in the room after he’d forced the door open, her frown deepened. Why is she here?

The moment Rachel saw that the door was opened, she shoved Finnick away and dashed into the room, her gaze darting everywhere. Noticing that Evelyn was indeed in there, she quickly rushed forward and shielded her.

“Vivian, Evelyn didn’t do it deliberately, so don’t take offense at her, okay?” Rachel implored Vivian fervently on behalf of Evelyn.

As Evelyn stared at the person standing in front of her with arms spread, a burst of joy infused her. I didn’t harbor any hope of surviving after Vivian coerced me to tell the truth about the incident back then, but never had I thought that even God would help me, and Rachel actually turned up at this time!

All at once, she sobbed and whimpered in a hoarse voice, “Ms. Rachel… Ms. Rachel… I…”

Rachel turned around and bent down before wiping the tears off Evelyn’s face. Then, she hugged her and comforted her, her voice choking as she reassured, “Everything will be fine. You’re fine now, Evelyn. Don’t be afraid. With me here, I’ll definitely protect you. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you.”

After coaxing Evelyn for a while as though she were a kid, she whirled around and dropped to her knees before Vivian. “Vivian, Evelyn is indeed at fault this time, so I apologize on her behalf. Please forgive her this time and not take offense at her, won’t you? I beg you.”

Flustered at her sudden act of kneeling, Vivian hurried forward to pull her up. “Get up first. What are you doing on the ground?”

However, Rachel grasped her hands and wailed, “Vivian, please let Evelyn go for my sake, okay? She didn’t do it deliberately, and I apologize on her behalf. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Vivian. Just forgive her, won’t you? I’m not getting up if you don’t agree.”

As Vivian listened to her pleading, a trickle of puzzlement crept into her amidst her alarm. She probably isn’t aware that Evelyn helped Mark to kidnap Finnick back then, so why is she begging me for mercy?

All at once, the incident that transpired earlier flashed across her mind, and she remembered how Rachel seemed to have something to tell her yet hesitated when she bid her farewell in the kitchen.

As understanding abruptly dawned, she pursed her lips. Staring at Rachel in disbelief, she asked, “You knew that Evelyn poisoned me when we were eating, didn’t you?”

“It couldn’t have been deliberate on her part!” Rachel hastily blurted. “Vivian, she’s still young and guileless, so just regard it as a prank. Don’t take it to heart.”

Upon hearing this, Vivian didn’t quite know whether she should blow her top or burst out laughing. A prank? She actually said that it was a prank! Do I simply hold no importance to her?

Her entire being emanated sorrow as her heart turned chilly.

“You realized that Evelyn poisoned me when I ate at your house, didn’t you?” she questioned, emphasizing every single word. “That’s why you were holding back something when I left. Why didn’t you tell me immediately? Were you not at all worried that something would happen to me?”

“I… I didn’t mean that. Vivian, I was merely worried… I was worried…” Rachel didn’t know how to answer her, for she could naturally sense her grief. Thus, she couldn’t bring herself to say that she was worried that Vivian would make Evelyn pay.

But even if she didn’t say it, Vivian could guess her meaning. Why else would she do that if not for Evelyn Morrison’s sake?

“You were worried that I’d make Evelyn pay, yes?” she queried with red-rimmed eyes, tears finally streaming down her cheeks.

Gazing at her with eyes brimming with guilt, Rachel murmured, “I know this isn’t fair to you, and I should’ve told you at that time, Vivian. I apologize to you. I’m sorry. It’s on me. Everything is my fault, so take it out on me if you’re angry. Don’t take offense at Evelyn, okay?”

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