Never Late, Never Away Chapter 740

“Did you know what poison she used on me?” In the next moment, she roared in an enraged voice, “You were only worried that I’d make her pay, but had you ever considered what would have happened to me? Did you know that if Finnick hadn’t sent me to the hospital in time, I might have… have…” Vivian couldn’t quite continue as tears suddenly assailed her.

This isn’t the first time. She has chosen to sacrifice me time and again when it came down to a choice between me and Evelyn. Even if I’m not her biological daughter, she raised me. How could she disregard me like this?

Upon hearing that, the guilt within Rachel doubled, and she even started prostrating herself. As she did that, she sobbed, “I wronged you, Vivian. It’s all on me, so just take it out on me. Revisit whatever retribution you want on me, but please have mercy on Evelyn and let her go, won’t you?”

As Vivian looked down at her hair that was streaked with white, her tears flowed all the swifter. She hastily bent down and stopped her bodily, trying hard to help her up.

However, Rachel kept herself on the ground and simply refused to get up. “Vivian, promise me to let Evelyn go, won’t you? I won’t get up unless you promise. I’ll continue kneeling until you agree.”

Upon seeing this, Finnick, who was at the side, promptly went forward to lend a hand. This is simply preposterous!

When Rachel saw that Vivian was merely helping her up while crying yet reluctant to forgive Evelyn, she begged Finnick instead. “Finnick, help me persuade Vivian and ask her to forgive Evelyn, won’t you?”

“Rachel, this matter is very complicated. Neither Vivian nor I will ever forgive Evelyn, so you should just get up first,” Finnick urged as he pulled her up. “Get up, and we’ll talk about this slowly.”

Nevertheless, Rachel was all the more adamant to stay on her knees. “Please have mercy and let her go. I promise to keep a close eye on her in the future so that she can never again interfere in your relationship. Just live your lives and stop pursuing her past mistakes, won’t you?”

Neither Finnick nor Vivian spoke, merely exerting greater force to yank her up. Neither of us will ever forgive and take mercy on Evelyn for everything she’d done throughout the years!

With their combined strength, they finally managed to haul her up before dragging her over to the sofa for a seat. Nonetheless, Rachel refused to give up, begging them for forgiveness as she clutched at them fervently.

As Evelyn looked on at the situation before her, panic inevitably assailing her. It looks like they’re determined to have me pay since they’re both unwilling to relent despite Rachel having begged them for such a long time!

When she thought about the consequences she might face, her terror grew as she mulled it over. Will I end up like Mark? No! I don’t want that! Panic flashed in her eyes, and she racked her brains for a way to get herself out of this.

Meanwhile, just as Vivian was still at a loss in the face of Rachel’s tearful pleading, she suddenly heard Hunter shouting, “What are you trying to do, Evelyn?”

The moment they heard his bellow, the three of them promptly snapped their heads back, only to see Evelyn struggling in the wheelchair, seemingly trying her best to escape. However, her legs tripped her up, and her head slammed into the corner of the coffee table at the side. Blood immediately gushed out, creating an exceedingly terrifying sight.

“Evelyn!” Upon seeing this, Rachel no longer bothered to beg for mercy. Scrambling up, she stumblingly rushed over to Evelyn and pulled her into her embrace.

At the sight of the blood all over her daughter’s face, she didn’t know what to do for a moment. She wanted to reach out and wipe the blood off, yet she was also afraid that it’d aggravate her wound.

Hugging Evelyn carefully, she broke down in tears. “Are you okay, Evelyn? Oh God, Evelyn, please don’t scare me. Open your eyes and look at me. Please be okay.”

However, Evelyn had already fallen unconscious at this time, so she couldn’t hear Rachel, much less respond to her.

“I’ll bring you to the hospital right away! You’ll be fine, Evelyn. You must hold on. I don’t want to live either if something happens to you!” Rachel howled as she wept, trying her best to carry Evelyn up.

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