Never Late, Never Away Chapter 741

However, Rachel had just been discharged from the hospital, and she was weak in the first place, so she couldn’t possibly carry Evelyn.

Upon seeing this, Vivian likewise hurried over to Evelyn. When she saw that the wound on her head was still gushing blood, a faint sense of fear pervaded her, and she worried that Evelyn might not have much time left.

While she felt that death was a fitting punishment for Evelyn after having done so many grievous things, this shouldn’t be the way. She’ll naturally be punished for her crimes by the law in the future!

“Don’t move her for the time being. Let’s call an ambulance first.” Vivian stopped Rachel from carrying her up, whipping out her phone and swiftly making a call to the hospital.

After explaining the situation and giving the location to the medical personnel, she then hung up the phone. Subsequently, she wanted to take a closer look at Evelyn’s wound, but Rachel unexpectedly shoved her away.

At this time, Rachel no longer bothered imploring her for mercy. Gripping by worry for Evelyn, she arbitrarily snapped, “Go away! Are you happy now that Evelyn has fallen unconscious? This is exactly what you wanted, no?”

As Vivian fell to the ground at the forceful shove, she felt a bolt of excruciating pain in her arm. Aggravation instantly flooded her. How could she blame me for this?

Seeing that, Finnick hastily rushed forward and helped her up. When he glimpsed the injury on her arm, his expression inexorably turned chilly.

“This isn’t Vivian’s fault, for Evelyn merely reaped what she sowed. If she hadn’t harbored the intention to harm someone else, would such a thing have happened? She schemed and sabotaged Vivian time and again. Don’t tell me you want Vivian to just indulge her?”

Rachel was entirely petrified by the wound on Evelyn’s head at this moment, her entire person held captive by terror and worry. Hence, she paid his words no mind and even instinctively retorted, “Isn’t Vivian just fine? When had Evelyn ever managed to truly hurt her?”

When Vivian heard this, the pain in her arm paled in comparison to the agony within her, and even Finnick shook slightly from fury.

I’ve always respected her a lot since she’s Vivian’s elder, but this time, she has truly gone too far! She’s not worthy of my respect!

Tears swam in her eyes as Vivian gently broke away from Finnick and walked to the side, not in the mood to say anything else. Finnick knew that she was anguished, but he couldn’t think of anything to comfort her.

Noticing the graze on Vivian’s arm, Hunter quickly took out the first-aid kit in his house and walked over to her. “Let’s go over to the sofa and have a seat, Vivian. I’ll doctor your wound,” he murmured softly.

Finnick went over and led her to the sofa with an arm wrapped around her shoulder. Then, he took the first-aid kit from Hunter with his other hand. “I’ll do it.”

As Hunter stared at his bare hands after having the first-aid kit “snatched away,” he couldn’t help clenching his fists. However, he knew that Vivian’s injury took precedence now, so he didn’t say anything, merely suppressing the rage that kept rising within him.

Vivian, on the other hand, hadn’t the mental capacity to notice all that at this moment. She sat on the sofa quietly, allowing Finnick to help bandage her wound.

Despite continually telling herself not to take it to heart, persuading herself that Rachel definitely didn’t mean it and was merely anxious, Rachel’s pain-filled wails of “Evelyn! Evelyn!” kept drifting into her ears. In the end, she could no longer keep her tears at bay.

I thought she loved me this much as well. I still remember that I once accidentally tipped over the bowl when I was young, spilling hot soup on myself whereupon blisters formed on my hand from the burn.

At that time, she was so distressed that tears streamed down her cheeks, and she hurriedly brought me to the hospital. On our way back after having my burn treated, she cradled me tenderly and blew on my injury lightly.

To coax me to stop crying, she even bought many candies she was usually reluctant to buy. Back then, I truly felt that she was the best mother in the world.

As Vivian recalled Rachel shoving her to the side with eyes teeming with resentment, bewilderment engulfed her. Why did our relationship turn sour ever since Evelyn’s appearance?

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