Never Late, Never Away Chapter 742

Finnick was carefully bandaging Vivian’s injury when he suddenly sensed a droplet splashing on his arm. When he looked up, he saw that she was silently crying, tears streaming down her face like a faucet.

Meticulously tying the bandage, he then got up and sat down beside Vivian, holding her close to him in silent consolation.

In no time, the ambulance arrived. The medical personnel transported Evelyn onto the stretcher and sent her to the hospital for treatment.

As Rachel stared at the light that remained lit above the operating theater, she was restless, afraid that something would happen to Evelyn. When she spotted Vivian and the other two people who tagged along, she couldn’t help venting her anger on them. Of course, her main target was Vivian.

“You’re happy now, huh?” Pointing a finger at Vivian, she castigated her, snarling, “I truly don’t understand why you won’t let Evelyn go! Yes, she did something bad to you, but you’re obviously fine. Why must you still pursue the matter?”

“You can’t say that, Ms. Rachel.” At the side, Hunter could no longer keep his silence. “This time, it’s entirely Evelyn’s fault that she ended up in such a state. It was her who had me trick Vivian into the house, and she even wanted to poison Vivian again to kill her. I truly can’t bear to aid and abet her anymore, so I told Vivian about it and reminded her to be careful. Otherwise, it’d be Vivian whose life is hanging in the balance now.”

Upon hearing this, Finnick’s gaze darkened dangerously. Kill Vivian? Evelyn is truly growing increasingly audacious! When she regains consciousness, I must figure out a way to eliminate her!

Meanwhile, Rachel was stunned for a moment before she shook her head resolutely, not at all believing Hunter. “Nonsense! My Evelyn is the kindest person, so how could she possibly do that? She did something wrong in the past because she didn’t know better, but she’ll never kill someone. Stop slandering her here!”

The more Vivian heard from her, the harder her heart clenched.

I just want to protect myself and uphold justice for myself when Evelyn attempted to kill me, yet she’s already this distressed, acting as though I’ve done something grievous to Evelyn! I’m not the one in the wrong!

I never hoped that she’d side with me and feel sorry for me. Rather, I merely hoped that she’d view the matter between me and Evelyn objectively instead of blaming me indiscriminately and defending Evelyn blindly. But from the look of things now, even that was too much to hope for!

To her, everything Evelyn does is for a reason and can be forgiven. For God’s sake, she doesn’t even suspect her! If Evelyn truly succeeded in killing me this time, she’d certainly choose to help her keep it a secret! Compared to a biological daughter, an adopted daughter is nothing, after all!

At this time, Rachel was still rebutting Hunter’s words emotionally. “I know all of you dislike Evelyn, but you can’t defame her like this! If she were truly this malicious, she wouldn’t have donated her bone marrow to me back then! You claim that she wanted to kill Vivian, but Vivian is safe and sound! Instead, it’s her…”

As she spoke, her eyes turned red. “Instead, it’s her who’s in the operating theater now. If anything happens to her, I’ll never let you off the hook!”

When Vivian heard this, a wave of bitterness swept across her. What does she mean by not letting me off the hook? Is she planning to have me pay with my life if something truly happens to Evelyn?

Despite being a renowned attorney, even Hunter was rendered speechless upon hearing this. In the meantime, Rachel was currently immersed in her own subjective world, so other people’s words had zero effect on her. While it was true that parents loved their children, this was simply too much.

As Vivian listened to Rachel weeping ceaselessly at the side, begging God to save Evelyn with her hands clasped, she couldn’t even begin to describe her feelings at this time.

At this precise moment, she felt a blanket of warmth enveloping her hand. Turning to the side, she saw that it was Finnick holding her hand beside her.

Clutching her hand tightly, Finnick gazed at her with worry in his eyes. “It’s fine, for you still have me.”

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