Never Late, Never Away Chapter 745

For over two years, he couldn’t break free from the guilt that threatened to consume him whole. He had trouble falling asleep. Sometimes, he’d doze off due to exhaustion, but would jolt awake less than half an hour later as Evelyn’s screams haunted his dreams.

The torment was too much for him to bear. In the end, he went to a psychologist. After a year of treatment, he finally broke free of the illness. However, Evelyn remained an untouchable scar in his heart.

Even though he got to know Vivian later and fell in love with her, there was still a spot for Evelyn in his heart. He just couldn’t forget how she died in front of his eyes.

When Evelyn showed up at the graveyard, Finnick was utterly stunned. He was relieved to hear that she was rescued later on. The burden in his heart immediately disappeared without a trace. For the first time in years, he could relax.

Finnick was already in love with Vivian, so even if Evelyn was still alive, he could no longer be with her. Still, he never suspected Evelyn’s words and actions. He had fallen out of love with her, but she was still a special someone to him.

Later on, he broke up with Vivian and slowly got to know what Evelyn had done over the years. Gradually, he grew to despise her. Even so, he was disgusted with the person Evelyn had turned into. He had never regretted being childhood sweethearts with her in the past.

They shared so many sweet memories together, so he still cherished them despite the change in Evelyn’s character. At least, or so he thought, they were innocent and sincere back then.

Now that Finnick thought of it, there was nothing sweet about their past. Evelyn’s innocence? It was all his imagination. Nothing else. In fact, everything was a trap. The relationship which he cherished more than anything else was nothing but a stepping stone to her.

“I never wanted to harm you!” Sensing the hatred in Finnick’s words, Evelyn panicked instantly. “Finnick, trust me. I even untied you back then. I never wanted you to die. I love you so much. Why would I want you dead?”

“Do you think I’ll still believe your words?” Finnick glared at her icily.

“Finnick, won’t you put yourself in my shoes?” Evelyn wailed desperately. “I didn’t have another choice! Yes, I was too rash back then. But if you forgive me, I promise I won’t do it again!”

“We grew up together, Finnick. You can’t do this to me.” She pleaded. “Remember how happy we were? We were so in love then! Did you forget everything?”

“Stop talking!” When Evelyn started talking about their past, a wave of fury crashed through Finnick. How dare she mention our past? I’m nothing but a fool to her.

“Evelyn, loving you was the most regretful and foolish decision I’ve ever done in my life. If I could turn back time, I won’t make your acquaintance!”

His gaze was menacing and furious as he enunciated each and every word clearly, denying the relationship they had when they were young.

Stunned, tears rolled down Evelyn’s cheeks. Her tears wetted the sheets. Why? How do things end up this way? I thought Finnick loves me. He forgave my mistakes over and over again. How could he say that?

We used to be so blissful back then! How could he say he regretted getting to know me? How could he regret that?

What will happen to me now?

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