Never Late, Never Away Chapter 746

Seeing her astonished expression, Finnick snickered and turn to leave her ward. He had decided to make Evelyn pay for all her evil deeds to both Vivian and him. There was no need to spare her life now. He would settle the score with her one by one.

As he was about to leave, Evelyn sprang up and tried to grab his arm, but her arm wasn’t long enough.

“Finnick! Please don’t leave! Please!” In her struggle, Evelyn fell to the ground with a thud. She propped herself up and inched forward slowly.

When Finnick heard the hubbub, he came to a stop and turned around. By then, Evelyn had wriggled her way to him and clutched the hem of his pants.

Wailing pitifully, she pleaded, “Finnick, you can’t leave me alone. I have lost everything and you’re the only one I have now. If you leave, what will happen to me? I don’t want to be left alone!”

“You won’t be alone. Mark will be with you.” Finnick lowered his gaze and announced cruelly. He no longer sympathized with Evelyn as she deserved this. She was going to pay for all her mistakes.

Evelyn realized what he meant immediately. Despair crept up in her heart as she clung to his legs. “I don’t want to go to jail. Finnick, why are you this heartless?” She howled, “I’ve done so much for you over the years. You can’t hate me for that one incident!”

Ignoring her howls, Finnick raised his leg to leave, but Evelyn refused to release her grip on his leg. Left with no choice, he roared, “Let go!”

“No! I won’t!” Evelyn’s grip tightened. “Finnick, I love you. I love you dearly! I did everything for your sake! You can’t do this to me!”

“You did everything for yourself.” Vivian, who had overheard their entire exchange, strode in and mocked her.

Evelyn’s eyes widened in surprise at Vivian’s sudden appearance. Did Vivian see how I beg for Finnick’s forgiveness? B*tch! How dare she hide outside and watch as I make a fool of myself!

“Vivian, it was all your fault I ended up in this predicament! How dare you watch me make a fool of myself? You shall die a horrible death!” Evelyn hurriedly let go of Finnick and tried to sit up. She didn’t want Vivian to see her in this pathetic situation.

“Shut up, Evelyn!” Finnick reprimanded her harshly. I can’t believe she’s still this arrogant. She’s not the least bit remorseful.

“See? She hid outside to see me embarrass myself!” Evelyn pointed at Vivian and declared furiously. A fresh swell of rage rose in her after Vivian showed up.

“She’s not a saint. She puts up an act in front of you, but actually, she’s a wicked woman. Don’t be tricked by her! She doesn’t love you at all.” Evelyn’s words were brutal. “No wonder she could manipulate Hunter so easily.”

Before Finnick could come out with a retort, Vivian blurted out, “Evelyn, stop defaming me. You have no right to criticize me,” she scoffed. “Did you seriously think I have the time to hide outside deliberately to see you make a fool of yourself? Ha! Not everyone is as evil as you!”

“You know what you did!” Evelyn retorted and stuck her nose up into the air. She might be in a crumpled heap on the ground, but that didn’t stop her from cursing Vivian. “Not everyone is gullible enough to believe your innocent act, Vivian. You’re nothing but a b*tch!”

Vivian was so furious to hear Evelyn’s words that her body started trembling profusely. Wow, I can’t believe she’s saying that. Vivian sneered inwardly. She’s the one who put up an innocent act all over the years, not me.

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