Never Late, Never Away Chapter 747

Vivian exhaled sharply and turned back to Evelyn. “Yes, I did it on purpose,” she scoffed. “I hid outside to see you embarrass yourself. Evelyn, what a good show. Let me give you a round of applause.”

“I didn’t only watch it. I even recorded everything.” Vivian whipped out her phone and shook it tauntingly. “Do you want to watch your excellent performance?”

“H-Hey!” Evelyn was at a loss for words.

Vivian strode to Evelyn’s side and mocked, “You need to tell the truth even though it was an act to beg for forgiveness, Evelyn. I can’t believe you lied through your teeth and claimed it was for Finnick’s sake. You did everything for your own selfish reasons! You want to live in luxury!”

“Shut the f*ck up!” Fury overtook Evelyn as she reached out to grab Vivian. “How long have you known Finnick, huh? Do you know him better than me?” She screamed, “Sl*t, how dare you say that? Who do you think you are?”

“That’s enough!” Finnick pulled Vivian to his back deftly and yelled, “Stop your nonsense, Evelyn!”

“Why are you defending her? Why is everyone on her side?” Seeing how quickly Finnick acted to protect Vivian, Evelyn broke down into a sobbing mess. Her face was full of snot and tears. “I love you! I’m the one who loves you the most in this world! Why can’t you see that?”

Finnick flung his arm around Vivian and led her to the door. He was afraid Evelyn would hurt Vivian seeing how mentally unstable she was.

Evelyn wanted to stop them from leaving, but she couldn’t walk. Stretching her hands out, she wailed, “Finnick, trust me! I’ll still love you even if you have lost everything! Vivian can’t do that! She’s just a lying wh*re!”

Ignoring her wails, Finnick brought Vivian out of the ward without hesitation. He even shut the door behind him.

They strode ahead until Evelyn’s voice faded away.

Finnick sighed and released his grip on Vivian’s arm before collapsing onto a bench along the hallway. He massaged his temples in exhaustion.

He was drained mentally and physically.

Vivian felt sorry for him. He must be overwhelmed by the truth. After all, he had been living in a lie for years.

Vivian walked over and took a seat beside him out of concern, but she didn’t know how to comfort him. She wasn’t involved in his past and had no idea how hurt he was, so she couldn’t understand his plight.

The only thing she could do was to stay by his side until he got over it himself. It would take some time for him to get over things.

After a long while, Vivian blurted out ss Finnick was eerily silent, “Are you alright?”

Finnick heard her and was finally stirred. He looked up and flashed a smile before saying, “I’m fine.” Yet, his smile was too forced.

“It’s useless to dwell on the past. We should look ahead and move on,” Vivian consoled him.

She knew her comforting words were very cliche, but there seemed to be nothing else she could say. Right now, pain ripped across her chest when she saw how upset he was. She wanted to share his pain and grief.

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