Never Late, Never Away Chapter 749

A hint of bitterness rose in Vivian’s heart as she watched Finnick walking away. She didn’t even know why she felt like sobbing her heart out.

Due to various reasons and pure coincidence, maybe even her cowardice and deliberate avoidance; she didn’t get to talk to Finnick about how he forced her to get an abortion back then. If it wasn’t a misunderstanding, and he indeed instructed Noah to do so, what will happen to us?

Should I forgive him for little pumpkin’s sake? Or for my sake?

Strangely, Vivian couldn’t resist his tenderness. She was slowly succumbing to his advances, just like how she fell for him back then. The only difference was that a nameless dread engulfed her right now instead of the delight she felt back then.

After letting out a long sigh, Vivian forced back her tears. It wasn’t a good time to ponder over that right now as she still had to visit Rachel.

“You’re too weak to leave the bed.”

“Ma’am, I’m fine. I want to see my daughter. I’m worried about her.”

When Vivian stepped into the ward, she saw Rachel arguing with a nurse. Clearly, Rachel wanted to see Evelyn instead of her.

The nurse heaved a sigh of relief upon spotting Vivian. “You’re her family? Please convince her to stay in bed until the IV drip is empty. She’s insisting on taking off the drip.”

Rachel was still mad at Vivian, so she turned away and ignored Vivian. Tears pricked at Vivian’s eyes upon seeing her reaction, but she quickly reined in her emotions.

“Thank you. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she stays here until the drip is finished.” Vivian came to her bed and assured the nurse.

“Mm, alright. You can press the bell when it’s almost finished. I’ll come to assist you as soon as I hear the bell.” The nurse left right after saying that.

Sighing inwardly, Vivian took a seat. “Don’t worry. Evelyn’s fine. She’s resting in her ward. I’ll bring you to her room when you’re done.”

“Is she really alright? Has she regained consciousness? Is her wound serious?” Rachel immediately forgot she was still mad at Vivian and bombarded her with questions anxiously.

“She’s wide awake and fine. Don’t worry.” Tamping down her irritation, Vivian forced herself to reply calmly. Deep down, she was sneering, She was well enough to argue with me just now. There’s nothing wrong with her.

At her reassurance, Rachel sighed in relief. She pressed her hands together and prayed fervently, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you…”

When her eyes fluttered open, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about how she treated Vivian earlier. It was clearly Evelyn’s fault, but Rachel had lashed out upon Vivian after seeing her daughter getting injured.

Taking Vivian’s hand, Rachel patted it softly. “Vivian, please forgive me for what I said earlier. I was too worried and took it out on you.”

Vivian averted her gaze and replied softly, “It’s fine.” No matter what, Rachel had brought her up. She couldn’t bring herself to criticize that woman.

“Vivian, I believe Evelyn didn’t do it on purpose. She’s a nice kid. I’ll discipline her slowly. Will you forgive her and stop pursuing the matter?” Rachel implored.

Upon hearing Rachel’s plea, Vivian pulled away from her as a flash of pain appeared on her face. “This isn’t the first time she did something this evil. Evelyn refused to repent. If I let her off this time, she might do something worse in the future!”

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