Never Late, Never Away Chapter 750

“No, she won’t!” Rachel retorted hastily. “I’ll make sure she won’t do that again. Vivian, please spare her this once for my sake, will you?”

Vivian was torn, but she couldn’t bring herself to forgive Evelyn. Hence, she changed the topic. “You should rest. We shall talk about this later. I’ll bring you some warm water to clean your face.”

With that, she stood up and headed for the door. She had barely taken two steps when Rachel caught her. Looking back, she realized Rachel had ripped the needle off the back of her hand and dropped to her knees in her haste.

“Vivian, please spare Evelyn’s life. I’ll apologize to you on her behalf!”

“What are you doing? What if your wound starts bleeding? Get up!” Vivian hurriedly pulled her up.

Rachel was, after all, someone she respected. This was already the second time Rachel got on her knees to defend Evelyn, and Vivian could feel raw anger welling up in her chest.

Alas, Rachel insisted, “If you refuse to spare Evelyn’s life, I won’t get up.” She pleaded, “Vivian, I know you’re kind-hearted. Can’t you help me with this once? Evelyn had suffered greatly over the years. Look, you’re alive and living well. Stop pressing the matter, will you?”

Clearly, she was insinuating that Vivian was being unreasonable. Feeling upset, Vivian returned sternly, “Evelyn tried to harm me repeatedly. I will never forgive her.”

Rachel immediately panicked. “But you weren’t injured, right? Besides, Finnick has reunited with you. You are a happy couple, but Evelyn is left with nothing. She’s still lying in bed. Why won’t you let her off the hook?”

“I’m happy? Have you ever asked if I’m happy?” Vivian retorted angrily. She was disappointed by Rachel’s reaction. If she cares for me, she wouldn’t have ignored me when I have been harmed and injured.

Tears pooled up in Vivian’s eyes as she struggled to control her feelings. “Is Evelyn the only one who matters to you? What about me? Have you ever thought about how I have suffered over the years?”

Rachel parted her lips in surprise. “Evelyn lost everything. You’re different,” she insisted. “You have Finnick and the Morrison family with you. They adore you, but Evelyn is left alone. She—”

Before she could finish, Vivian interjected, “Why didn’t you mention how she was brought up in a loving family while I had to endure stares for being an illegitimate child?”

After yelling that out, Vivian broke down all of a sudden. All the accumulated grievances and emotions burst out without warning.

“I saved you and took care of you as you brought me up. I was indebted to you.” She exclaimed, “Have you ever considered my feelings? You only care for Evelyn. You’re her mother, not mine. You’ve never thought of me as your daughter!”

Because of Rachel’s doing, she didn’t even get to see her birth parents. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to blame Rachel as the woman had brought her up. She told herself to have respect for Rachel. Alas, Rachel only had eyes for her own daughter, Evelyn. She didn’t even care for Vivian.

“No, you’re wrong. Vivian, I feel sorry for Evelyn. I-I love you, too. I…” Vivian tried to explain, but nothing seemed right.

“Let’s not meet again from now on. I’ve taken care of you when you were sick. That’s enough payback for all the years of care you have given me.” Vivian wiped her tears away and turned to leave.

She had told herself the same thing repeatedly, but this was the first time she had the courage to actually tell Rachel that. This is it. It’s time to make a clean cut.

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