Never Late, Never Away Chapter 751

Rachel nearly broke down in despair seeing how determined Vivian was. How could this happen?

At once, she wailed desperately, “Vivian, don’t leave. You’re my daughter! I feel sorry for Evelyn because she’s a cripple. That’s why I showed more concern for her.”

Hearing her pleas, Vivian slowed down as bitterness engulfed her. Back then, when Evelyn was still able to walk, she never showed any concern for me, too.

It’s too late. There’s no use tormenting myself over this unhealthy relationship.

“Tell Evelyn to stay put. Otherwise, she’ll suffer from the consequences,” Vivian declared. With that, she stalked out of Rachel’s ward, ignoring the latter’s desperate wails.

Vivian quickened her pace until she could no longer hear Rachel’s voice.

In the restroom, she washed the tear stains away and told herself, From now on, Larry and Benedict are my only family. I should never give in and compromise on anything.

She held the edge of the sink and gathered her thoughts. Immediately, Larry’s adorable figure popped up in her mind. I need to see him now.

At the hospital’s entrance, Finnick was indeed waiting for her. Vivian recalled how he insisted on sending her back home. Ugh, I sense a headache coming.

Today’s events had depleted her energy, so she didn’t want to ponder about their relationship right now.

“Are you alright?” Finnick dashed over to her and inquired in concern.

Vivian shook her head silently.

“Let’s go. I’ll give you a ride home,” Finnick told her. She was obviously in a foul mood, so he didn’t say anything else.

Vivian stood rooted to the spot as she racked her brains, trying to come out with an excuse to reject his offer. She was too exhausted to be in the same space with this man and discuss their relationship.

“Vivian!” When Vivian was in a dilemma, Hunter’s voice rang out behind her. She turned at her shoulder and saw the man running over to her.

Hunter came to a stop in front of Vivian and ignored Finnick. He panted, “I couldn’t find you in the hospital. Luckily, you’re still here. I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Alright,” replied Vivian after a brief hesitation.

“My car is parked there. Let’s go.” Hunter seemed delighted by her answer. She chose me instead of Finnick. That means I still have a chance, right?

“Alright.” Vivian glanced at Finnick. “You should go home, too. Hunter will give me a ride.” With that, she turned in the opposite direction and left with Hunter.

Finnick stood still and watched them quietly as his fists balled up. What does she mean? Is she really dating Hunter?

His expression hardened in fury as he caught up to them and took Vivian’s arm. “I’ll give you a ride home. I have something to tell you.”

Hunter immediately stopped him. “Let her go. She agreed to let me drive her home.”

“This is a private matter between my wife and I. Stop coming between us!” Finnick was already simmering in rage, so when Hunter stepped up, he burst out angrily.

Unfazed, Hunter mocked, “Your wife? I believe you are already divorced. She has nothing to do with you now.”

“That doesn’t mean she is your business now!” Finnick retaliated loudly. “Vivian and I will remarry sooner or later, so stay away from her!”

“Stop it! I’ll go back on my own.” Vivian shoved Finnick away furiously and strode away. Who do they think I am?

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