Never Late, Never Away Chapter 753

Vivian did not take Ms. Booker’s comment to heart. She already knew that Larry was smart, and he learned things very quickly. Of course, he got this trait of his from Finnick. However, as to what job he would like to take up in the future, that was for him to decide after he grew up. Larry would have his own path in life, thus she should not interfere when he was still unable to make a decision.

Hearing Ms. Booker’s compliment, Larry did not seem to be pleased. His attention was no longer on drawing. Instead, his thoughts were filled up by his Daddy and Mommy.

Sometimes when Vivian was not at home, he would beat around the bush and try to learn more about his father from Benedict. Naturally, Benedict would not disclose anything. And when Larry became too persistent, he would educate the little boy with a stern face and lecture him that children should not be too nosy.

Larry did not dare to press on further whenever Uncle Benedict, who usually adores him, became cross. Nevertheless, from his mother and Uncle Benedict’s reaction, he could easily deduce that they both disliked his Daddy.

One time he overheard the conversation between his Mommy and Uncle Benedict. He remembered hearing the latter mention something along the lines of his Daddy abandoning him and Mommy. That was the reason why they came to live in A Nation.

Although he had only met Finnick a few times, Larry firmly believed that his Daddy was not someone who would just abandon his own wife and child like what Uncle Benedict had said.

He did not simply come to such a conclusion without rhyme or reason. The last time I saw Daddy, he did not know that I was his son. He only thought that I was a random lost child. But he was very kind and gentle to me. Not only did he get someone to help me look for Mommy, but he also spent time playing with me.

Larry was brought up in a wealthy environment. He himself was smart beyond his years and more sensible than other children of his age. From an early age, he had already witnessed the arrogance of the higher-ups in a company – they were all condescending snobs.

His Daddy, on the other hand, could lower his pride and play with a random child. Therefore, he was not someone who would do such an abominable act. There had to be some misunderstanding between him and Mommy which led to them separating from each other.

Although Mommy had promised that she would listen to Daddy’s explanation, it seems that their misunderstanding is still not resolved. Otherwise, Daddy would have already come to see me. Sigh… Does Daddy even know about my existence?

As he thought of this, Larry felt extremely upset. He missed his Daddy so much. Every day, he yearned to go and meet him. Yet Daddy didn’t even know who he was, and this was unbearably sad.

No! I must think of a way to reunite them and help them resolve their misunderstanding. Because if this situation continued, Larry did not know when he would get to see his father. But what is the best and most effective way?

A frown etched itself upon Larry’s cherubic face. The little boy was considering his options solemnly. Looking at his focused expression, Ms. Booker thought that he was thinking hard about what to draw next and did not say anything. She was afraid that she might interrupt the thought process of this little genius.

Larry held the pencil firmly in his hand for quite some time. Ding! A lightbulb went on his head. I have an idea!

“Ms. Booker, I am hungry and craving bread. Can you make me some, please?” Larry pleaded adorably with puppy dog eyes.

Larry was perfectly aware of how to use his cuteness to his own advantage. Ms. Booker was already especially fond of him since he was a sensible and well-behaved kid. With this look that he was giving her now, how could she refuse him?

“Okay, you stay here and continue drawing. I’ll go make the bread. I will come to get you when it is done. Please be a good boy and do not run off on your own, okay?”

“Yes, Ms. Booker! I’ll be a good boy and wait for you here,” Larry responded while nodding.

Ms. Booker gave Larry a light pat on his head and proceeded right away to the kitchen downstairs. This child was just too loveable!

Larry waited and made sure that Ms. Booker had gone downstairs before he went back to his own room in a hurry. He packed the things he needed into a light backpack and stealthily snuck downstairs.

When he passed by the kitchen, he was extra cautious and made sure to be light on his feet. He nervously kept an eye on the busy Ms. Booker, lest he made any sound that would alert her.

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