Never Late, Never Away Chapter 758

“Move away! I’ve got something urgent to deal with. I don’t have the time to talk to you,” Vivian shoved Finnick aside and continued sprinting on her way. Finnick, however, caught up with her in a few long strides. He clutched her arm with an iron grip.

“Let go of me! What are you doing? I have to get to the bank now. Stop wasting my time!” Vivian howled, flinging Finnick’s hand aside with all her might.

From Vivian’s inconsolable state, Finnick guessed that she indeed had rather dire matters at hand. But what exactly is going on? Why can’t she tell me?

Unable to get anything else out of her, Finnick decided not to press Vivian any further. He immediately pulled Vivian over to his car, commanding, “Get on, I’ll send you to the bank right now.”

With her heart set on getting to the bank within the shortest possible time, Vivian thought this option rather ideal. Besides, it removed the obstacle that was Finnick. She immediately wrenched the door open.

“Vivian!” A yell came from Benedict, who had finally caught up with them. He was extremely discomfited by the thought of Vivian heading off to that deserted place all alone to save Larry.

Benedict glanced at Finnick. He knew that Vivian was intent on hiding Larry’s identity from Finnick. Benedict thus chose his next words with extreme delicacy. “Why don’t you come with me? I’ll follow you in secret. If anything happens, I’ll still be in time to save you. You can’t go alone,” Benedict offered.

At Benedict’s speech, Finnick felt a growing sense of disquiet. He turned towards Vivian and asked frantically, “What in the world’s going on? What are you going to do alone? Why would it be dangerous?”

Disregarding Finnick completely, Vivian replied Benedict in earnest, “Ben, we can’t risk it. It would be best if you didn’t follow me. I’m afraid that they really will…”

Vivian deliberately paused, omitting the crucial facts of the matter. Her mind raced. She had to guarantee Larry’s safety no matter what. Vivian suggested, “Ben, why don’t you do a covert investigation into this matter? See if you can find out more about this guy’s background. We’ll keep in contact at all times, and if there’s any real danger, I’ll immediately call you to let you know where I am.”

Benedict carefully considered Vivian’s proposal, then nodded. “Fine. Promise me that if there’s just the tiniest thing amiss, you’ll call me immediately.”

“OK,” Vivian, too, nodded in return. She was just about to enter the car when another shout rang out from behind them.

“Mr. Norton!”

The three of them turned in tandem to see Noah scurrying over.

Noah had just tried unsuccessfully to give Finnick a call, intending to inform Finnick about the events of the past. When he heard that Finnick was at the Morrison residence, Noah immediately made up his mind to present both Vivian and Finnick with the truth simultaneously. It might help to lessen the misunderstanding between them.

As he surveyed the scene before him, however, Noah was rendered rather speechless. Why do all of them look so flustered? What’s happening?

“You’re just in time, Noah. Benedict is going to do some research, and you can stay here to help him,” Finnick said smoothly before Noah could muster a response. Finnick did not know what it was that Vivian and Benedict were so determined to keep from him. In any case, he was willing to help.

Noah took in Finnick’s words and Vivian’s teary face. Baffled, he couldn’t resist asking, “Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, what in the world just happened? Is everything all right?”

“Stop asking questions, Noah,” Vivian said curtly, then turned to Finnick. “Let’s go to the bank first. I can’t waste any more time.”

“Noah, please cooperate with Benedict.” Finnick dismissed him before getting into the driver’s seat. They sped away.

Gazing at the departing car, Noah was just as clueless as he had been when he just arrived. However, he turned to Benedict and asked politely, “Is there anything I can help with?”

Benedict scoffed. Disdainfully, he said, “No need, I’ll get whatever help I need on my own. I don’t need your help! When Finnick gets back, tell him that we don’t want hypocrites like him around here. We all know what he did to Vivian back then! What’s the point of doing such incorrigible acts, then turning around and putting on a whole show of pretending to care?”

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