Never Late, Never Away Chapter 759

“Mr. Norton didn’t do those things to Mrs. Norton! It… it was…” Noah stammered, his voice faltering as he stared at Benedict’s expression of unbridled fury. Noah agonized over whether he should reveal the truth.

Evelyn was trapped. With Finnick’s maneuvering, he would ultimately uncover the truth sooner or later. Most importantly, Noah was unable to bear the weight of his accusing conscience. Any encounter with Vivian made Noah feel as if his heart would leap out of his chest in consternation.

Noah’s hesitation was mistaken for guilt by Benedict. Scornfully, Benedict rounded upon him, “What didn’t he do? Didn’t you personally bring a kidnapped Vivian to the hospital? If that wasn’t under Finnick’s orders, then whose? Tell me, other than Finnick, who would have the right to tell you what to do? After everything you’ve done, why are you still making excuses for him?”

“I… I…” Even though Noah had been resolved to expose everything before his arrival, he was now uneasy about confessing to being an accessory. He dithered slightly, not knowing how to begin.

As Noah floundered in his indecision, Benedict gave a derisive snort before walking away. Noah was left standing there rather helplessly. However, he still had to carry out the orders he had received from Finnick earlier. Noah quickly started the car and chased after Benedict.

Vivian was evidently in a great hurry. Finnick thus increased his speed from the usual sixty miles an hour to a hundred accordingly. Their car seemed to skim the surface of the roads.

Nonetheless, the swiftness of the car could not compare to Vivian’s racing thoughts.

When they pulled up at the entrance of the bank, Vivian ran to the counter. Rapidly completing the necessary administrative procedures, she withdrew every cent from her account. Fortunately, the Morrisons were Premium VIP Clients with the bank. Vivian was spared several raised eyebrows and the questions that would have ensued.

“Quick, to Coast Haven,” Vivian declared. She looked at Finnick fearfully, hoping that he would drive off.

Finnick knew that any questions he confronted Vivian with at the moment would not be met with any satisfactory answers. He wisely decided to acquiesce in silence.

Finnick would obey Vivian unconditionally for now.

Even though they were already hurtling over at top speed, Vivian found herself unable to take comfort in the thought that they were traveling at their maximum capacity. What if he’s already doing something to hurt Little Pumpkin now?

Vivian clenched her fists at the thought. Drops of perspiration ran unchecked and unnoticed down the sides of her pants.

Her mind was fixed solely on the thought of Larry. He’s all I have! If anything happens to him, what else would there be to live for?

“Drive faster!” Vivian demanded, translating her panic into anger that she proceeded to vent on Finnick.

It’s all because of you! Vivian fumed, glaring at the man beside her. Five years ago, Finnick had wanted to get rid of his own child.

Five years on, it was also all thanks to him that Larry had now been kidnapped. Even though they had long since gone their separate ways, Finnick’s presence still lurked in every corner of Vivian’s life.

Vivian believed that if she had never gotten married to Finnick, she would be leading a less prosperous life, but a peaceful one, nonetheless.

Whatever the case, her life would definitely not be the emotional rollercoaster that it was now.

“I can’t go any faster. We might get into an accident,” Finnick replied patiently. Their lives might be at stake, too, if he continued with this reckless driving.

Besides, it was peak hour, and vehicles flooded the road with drivers eager to get home. The unfortunate timing aside, going at a hundred miles per hour placed them at serious risk of a crash.

Finnick wouldn’t have cared if Vivian hadn’t been on board. But since she was, he had to consider her safety as well.

Impatiently, Vivian reached over and blared the horn.

To Finnick’s surprise, the cars in front of him placidly gave way. In an orderly fashion, the cars had opened up a passageway just wide enough for Finnick’s car to pass through.

Without hesitation, Finnick stepped hard onto the accelerator. The car charged forward.

The road ahead was smooth, and they proceeded without much difficulty.

Finnick turned on his GPS navigator and typed in: Coast Haven.

It was located at a rather deserted spot with little traffic.

More importantly, there was still quite a distance between their car and its destination.

We have to go the distance to save Little Pumpkin no matter how far it is! Vivian squared her jaw and looked at Finnick. Finnick nodded with understanding. He turned onto the highway, and they flew on.

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