Never Late, Never Away Chapter 763

“Hello. Are you Jeffrey Watson?” Benedict instantly asked, cutting to the chase.

If it was him, then Benedict would continue the conversation. If it wasn’t, then he would leave and start his search all over again. He didn’t have any time to waste.

“Yes, I am.” Jeffrey stared up at the men in confusion.

From Jeffrey’s point of view, he hadn’t done anything wrong. So why had they shown up at his doorstep?

“This is an emergency, so let’s get to the point.” Benedict quickly explained what he came here for as soon as he knew that he had found the correct person.

“Did you take a passenger to Coast Haven today?” Noah frantically asked as soon they had been let inside.

“Yeah, I did take one passenger there,” Jeffrey replied without thinking too much about it.

“I remember him because Coast Haven is desolate and nearly abandoned. Very few people want to go there.”

“What did he look like? Do you know how old he was?” Noah pressed on, not even letting Benedict get a word in.

“It… It was a little kid. And quite a handsome young boy at that.” Jeffrey tried his best to recall that day.

Come to think of it, the incident had been strange. Only a handful of passengers had asked to be driven to Coast Haven in the past few years, so why did a little boy, of all people, ask to go there?

He had only agreed to take the little boy there because the boy had paid him a large sum of money.

A lightbulb lit up inside Jeffrey’s head.

Why do these men come looking for me? Are they here to seek revenge because something bad happened to the boy?

“Kid? Mr. Morrison… what kid?” Noah turned to Benedict, perplexed.

“You saw a little boy? Did the boy get on the car by himself?” Benedict knew that the kid had to be Larry, but he couldn’t understand why Larry had wanted to go to Coast Haven.

“Yes,” Jeffrey answered seriously, afraid that one wrong answer would ruin his life and career.

“I see. That’s all the questions we have. Thank you.” Benedict gave Noah a look, who pulled out a check and handed it to Jeffrey before they left the house.

“Mr. Morrison, who do you think the kid is? Do you think he’s in cahoots with the culprits?” Noah was only aware that someone had been kidnapped, but he didn’t know that a child was also involved.

But Benedict brushed the question aside, not wanting Noah to know the details about the situation. “That’s not important.”

With Noah’s personality, he was unlikely to pry too much into Benedict’s secrets.

Noah was taken aback upon hearing Benedict’s answer, staying quiet.

Did I just waste my entire afternoon to find out about something that was of no importance?

Benedict’s method hadn’t worked out, so they had to turn to other means to discover the truth.

As Benedict and Noah continued their search, Vivian was restlessly tapping her foot on the floor of the house.

Night was starting to descend, but she was still sitting on the same chair that she’d been staying in since morning. The outdoors was never warm. If anything, it was painfully chilly.

“Ah choo!” Vivian couldn’t prevent the sneeze that escaped her, sparking Finnick to start worrying about her.

They couldn’t afford to have Vivian fall ill right now of all times.

Ignoring what she might think of him, Finnick bent down and picked her shivering body up in his arms, placing her across his lap.

“Don’t move if you’re cold,” warned Finnick, sensing that she was about to try and escape his arms. “Unless you want to become sick before we can rescue Larry.”

His last sentence made Vivian freeze and instantly relax in his lap.

That’s right. Right now, there was nothing more important than rescuing Larry.

Finnick watched as she slowly let her eyelids flutter closed, peacefully resting in his arms. He couldn’t help but recall how they’d been in this exact position five years ago.

Time flies. How long has it been since we’d last been so physically close to one another?

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