Never Late, Never Away Chapter 768

“I’m here. It’s Daddy’s fault.”

When Finnick heard Larry call him “Daddy”, he had a sudden rush of emotions.

He had initially been ready to hold on a little longer before being able to get Vivian back.

However, the minute he heard Larry calling him “Daddy”, Finnick knew that he had made the right choice. He would never have known that he had such an adorable son otherwise.

He could have wasted the rest of his life away—living alone miserably till old age.

At least now he could keep his beloved by his side and was able to protect his own child.

Finnick had not felt this contented and secure in a long time.

Ever since he lost Vivian, Finnick often had flashbacks of their memories together whenever he closed his eyes.

He had also woken up startled from his dreams many times, only to find that his pillow had been wet by his tears.

He did not know how he had managed to survive these past few years. Now, it was as if all his sacrifice was finally rewarded.

Regardless of the outcome, he did have a child with Vivian. Since the son was now on his side, his mother would soon be too.

Finnick turned to Vivian with a smile.

As soon as she saw the look on his face, Vivian could guess what he was thinking. She suddenly felt as though she had fallen into a trap.

A huge trap, planned out by her very own son.

“Daddy, where were you all these years? Why didn’t you come back? Was it because Larry was naughty so you didn’t like me?”

Since young, Larry had always hoped for a father to protect him. Now that he finally had his father back, he began to swamp Finnick with questions.

“I’ve been quietly watching you grow up these few years. It’s not that Daddy doesn’t like Larry, it’s because someone else doesn’t like Daddy.”

He then gave Vivian a meaningful look.

“Daddy has to talk to Mommy in private now. Play in the room for a little while first, okay?”

Finnick had so many questions for her.

“Vivian, what’s going on?” he asked as soon as Larry walked a safe distance away. He could no longer contain his emotions.

Vivian knew that no matter what she tried to hide, Finnick would still be able to find out about it some way or another. Thus, she was better off being blunt.

“What do you mean? Are you asking me if he’s your son? Or are you trying to ask how that’s even possible?” Vivian’s temper started to rise as she recalled what had happened back then.

“I wanted to know why you didn’t tell me that I have a son for all these years?” Finnick understood that Vivian was upset with him but was still determined to get an answer.

“So you’re asking how I managed to raise him for so long without your knowledge?” Vivian interpreted his question and threw the question back at him.

Although the question sounded normal on the surface, only Vivian knew how much sarcasm it actually contained.

Finnick could sense Vivian’s sarcasm but did not find it inappropriate. He simply nodded, waiting for her answer.

“Why don’t you ask yourself? If you hadn’t tried to kill my child back then, would I have kept this from you for so long?”

She paused before continuing, “I was just trying to protect my child. Is that wrong?”

She then glared at Finnick. If looks could kill, Finnick would have been dead by now.

“I’d agreed to have the child back then. When did I ask you to abort it?” Finnick asked as he thought back to the events of the past.

He had wanted Vivian to abort the child back then, but since she refused to do it, he had to compromise and gave in to her wish.

The situation was nothing like what Vivian described. Finnick was not such a cruel person.

“It’s already been so long. No matter what you say now, no one will believe your nonsense,” Vivian scoffed. Instead of simply being unremorseful, Finnick was not even admitting to his wrongdoings.

“Why don’t you believe me? I’m speaking the truth.” Finnick was confused. Were they not talking about the same thing?

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