Never Late, Never Away Chapter 769

Why was the conversation so confusing then?

“Stop trying to explain yourself. No matter what you do now, I’ll never be able to forget how you forced me to abort the child back then.”

That memory would always stay with Vivian. She had never felt so miserable and helpless until then.

“What do you mean? I did that?” Finnick realized that there had to be a misunderstanding.

Since he did not do such a thing, someone else had to be playing tricks on them, trying to break off their relationship.

Finnick contemplated the issue silently. He was determined to find out the truth behind the matter.

He had a feeling that things were not as simple as they seemed.

In the meantime, Vivian was anxious since both Noah and Benedict had not contacted her for the whole day.

However, Benedict had clearly remembered Vivian telling him not to tag along with her back then.

He had hesitated. What if he wrecked their plan by tagging along? What if the kidnapper hurt Larry?

Benedict was about to call the police for help before he was stopped by Noah.

“You can’t, Mr. Morrison. That place overlooks a very wide area. If anything happens, none of us will be able to get away.”

Noah had learned a lot while working for Finnick. Naturally, he thought more thoroughly about such matters. Thus, he knew that calling the police would only blow things out of proportion.

“Then, we’ll go alone.” Benedict wanted to get to Coast Haven as soon as possible. He could not help but worry about his sister’s safety.

“Okay,” Noah agreed. He was just as worried about Finnick’s safety. He tailed behind Benedict’s car as they drove off.

Back at Coast Haven, the family of three had prepared to go to bed. Larry hugged Finnick while Vivian lay on one side of the bed alone.

“Vivian, are you cold?” Finnick asked. However, there was only silence.

Since they had quarreled just now, it was understandable that she would be angry with him.

“If Mommy’s cold, I’ll hug her. I’ll keep you warm.” Larry looked between the two of them. He already guessed that something bad had happened previously.

However, it was not the right time to speak about it, so he avoided the topic first.

“Mommy’s not cold. Go to sleep, little pumpkin.” Vivian then turned her back to them and went to sleep.

Larry slept very comfortably in Finnick’s arms that night.

All three of them had not slept so comfortably in a long time.

The next morning, as they were packing to leave, someone suddenly kicked at the door.

Finnick instinctively pulled Vivian behind him. He let her go only after realizing who the intruder was.

“Vivian, what’s going on?” Benedict had never expected to see such a scene after opening the door.

He had been thinking up several possible scenes to prepare himself for whatever he would face and was ready to attack if necessary.

Never would he have guessed that he would see Finnick protecting his sister, which was a heart-warming atmosphere in the room.

Benedict was taken aback. He turned to see Larry standing beside Vivian and frowned as he was puzzled.

“What’s going on?”

Have they saved Larry? Or have all of them been captured?

All Benedict knew was that their journey had been smooth, without coming across any obstacles or dangers all the way.

“Ben, this was all Larry’s plan,” Vivian replied in embarrassment.

It was all a farce, yet it made everyone panic and caused a lot of trouble.

“It’s fine. I want to hear how Larry did it.” Benedict did not want to pursue the matter anymore.

“It was easy. I asked Ms. Booker to go make me food, then took some money and my bag and took a cab alone,” explained Larry smugly.

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