Never Late, Never Away Chapter 770

“Then?” Benedict asked as he started to smile. No one could have thought that a mere child would have so many tricks up his sleeve.

“Then, I asked around and found out about this place. So I took a taxi over and called Mommy,” replied Larry as he glanced at his mother to see if she was angry.

Vivian was now only relieved about the entire situation. Her anger had passed long ago.

“You’re really smart, Larry. But you can’t be so naughty next time.” Benedict attributed everything that had happened to a mere child’s playfulness.

“Uncle Benedict, I wasn’t playing. I just thought that Mommy and Daddy needed to talk things out,” Larry disagreed. Although he was still a child, Larry did not think like how a normal child.

He wanted to help his Mommy and Daddy reconcile. It was not just for fun.

Initially, Benedict did not think much of Larry’s words. It was only when he called Finnick ‘Daddy’ that Benedict became stunned.

He looked to Vivian questioningly. She simply gave him a nod and he then smiled knowingly.

“Okay, Larry’s the best.” Benedict took Larry in his arms and glanced at Vivian before he turned and left.

He did not want to get mixed up in the couple’s conversation this time. He trusted his sister to handle her own issues well.

“Vivian, wait.” Finnick grabbed her hand as she was about to follow Benedict out.

He did not know when he would be able to see her again once she left. Thus, he did not intend to let her leave.

“Finnick, aren’t you always trying to lie to me? Since Noah’s here now, let’s get things clear.”

Vivian wanted to get to the bottom of things. Otherwise, she would really be kept in the dark for the rest of her life.

“Okay, go ahead.” Finnick was sure that he had not done anything wrong to Vivian, so he was not afraid.

“Noah, back then, did Finnick order you to go to the hospital and force me to have an abortion?” Vivian asked plainly, not shying away from the incident.

Finnick froze when he heard her question.

When did I ever do that?

Although he was itching to ask his own questions, Finnick kept silent, wanting to hear what Noah had to say.

Noah, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly fell to his knees and looked at Finnick and Vivian.

Vivian then realized that Noah was about to confess his wrongdoings.

What’s the point of admitting your mistakes now? If Benedict hadn’t saved me five years ago, what kind of life would I be living now? Would I even be able to live till now?

Vivian thought of that and glared at the instigator of the entire incident.

She did not blame Noah, for he was just acting on Finnick’s orders and did not intend to treat her that way.

The cause of all this was because of the very man who she once loved so deeply.

“Mr. Norton, this is all my fault. Mrs. Norton, please don’t blame him anymore,” Noah begged.

If it had not been for him, the couple could never have suffered and would not have had to separate for five years.

“What exactly happened?” Finnick asked when he heard Noah admitting to his wrongs. He had been his most trusted subordinate.

“It was Evelyn who planned everything back then,” Noah explained.

“She left her clothes on the floor along the way to Mr. Norton’s room and was panting in the room. She also used a radio to play a recording of a man’s voice, causing Mrs. Norton to think that you were cheating on her.”

Noah kept his head lowered. He was worried that Finnick would hurt him if he got angry.

“Are you saying that Evelyn planned the whole thing herself?” Vivian finally put the pieces together.

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