Never Late, Never Away Chapter 771

Vivian had not dared to enter the room then. Although she did not see it for herself, she was convinced that Finnick was cheating on her.

If what Noah said was right, it could explain everything.


He continued, “She threatened Mrs. Filder and had kidnapped my parents. I had to do as she said.”

As he recalled what he had done, Noah felt terrible. Both Finnick and Vivian had always treated him so kindly.

“She eventually ordered me to tell you that Mr. Norton wanted you to abort the child. I had no choice.”

“The first attempt wasn’t successful. The second time, Mr. Morrison saved you. When Mr. Norton was about to go to the airport to stop you from leaving, Evelyn pretended to fall and break her leg, hindering him.”

As Noah recounted the past events, his voice became increasingly constrained. However, he did not understand what exactly he was afraid of.

For the past five years, his actions had haunted him daily, reminding himself of how he had betrayed Mr. Norton.

His conscience constantly nagged at him and he suffered from insomnia every night.

He could finally come clean about everything today. Although he eventually had to face Finnick’s punishment, Noah felt unusually relaxed as a huge burden of guilt had been lifted off him.

It was unprecedented.

“That was exactly what happened back then. Please punish me for my mistakes.” Noah then bowed in apology.

Since he had betrayed Finnick, it was unlikely that Noah could continue working for him.

“This kick is because you kept things from me.”

“This kick is for you being ungrateful.”

“This kick is for betraying your own morality.”

Noah fell to the ground, enduring his punishment in silence.

However, he did not have any hatred for Finnick. Instead, he thought that he deserved those three kicks.

At the very least, he now felt less guilty.

“Vivian, did you hear that? I was kept in the dark the whole time.”

When Finnick was done with Noah, he walked over to Vivian.

Vivian froze. It was Evelyn who had orchestrated the entire scene back then, causing her year of suffering and heartache. Finnick had been unaware of anything the whole time.

Vivian was full of shock and remorse.

She was shocked that she did not know the full story this whole time and blamed Finnick wrongly for everything.

Thinking back, he had indeed lost a lot of weight compared to before. Vivian could not help but feel sorry for him.

Now, they finally knew the truth behind everything that had happened back then.

Evelyn’s scheme and wickedness was certainly impressive. How did that rich, pampered little princess come to have such a cruel heart?

However, it was perhaps human nature when we were cornered and fighting to protect our self-interest. It would drive us to carry out the most unimaginable tasks and wicked plans.

Like how Evelyn could remain indifferent as she watched her biological mother struggling for her life in front of her.

Or how she could easily kidnap someone else’s parents, completely ignoring the safety of others.

Now that Vivian realized Finnick had always loved her, she felt that everything she had gone through was worthwhile.

She stared at Finnick but did not know what to say.

They had been separated for the past five years. They had a lot to say and many questions to ask.

Their eyes met and the pair could not help but feel awkward.

Finnick had no clue that the very things that had been kept from him were the cause of Vivian’s pain.

Finnick hated himself. If he had waited outside the Morrison residence when Vivian brought up the divorce back then, he could have cleared things up with her then. They would not have to go through so much suffering.

He was the cause of most of their difficulties. If only he had broken off all ties with Evelyn. If only he had not listened to her or believed her words.

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