Never Late, Never Away Chapter 772

None of this would have ever happened, let alone the five-year separation.

Moreover, he had mistakenly thought that Vivian had been raped then and even wanted her to abort their own child. Even though he had given in to her, Finnick had still felt very uneasy.

Thinking back on it now, the whole fiesta was just ridiculous. He had actually believed the word of another woman and doubted his own wife.

As Finnick thought about the past, he wanted to slap himself as a punishment for being silly.

He knew he had been wrong. However, what was important now was the future.

He would never compromise on Vivian’s needs ever again, nor would he let her leave him.

Never again.

This was both his promise to Vivian and an encouragement for himself.

When he came to terms with everything, all Finnick wanted to do was to go home with Vivian. He’d have to admit his wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness.

Since Vivian’s mood seemed to be fine, Finnick called out to her.


“What’s is it?”

Vivian was neither a hypocritical nor a petty person. As soon as she found out that it was all a misunderstanding, she no longer blamed Finnick for anything.

She simply stared at him, wondering what he wanted to say.

“Vivian, let’s go home.” Finnick was unsure of what else to say. He just held her hand and waited for her response.

“Okay.” The couple then walked hand in hand across the field, both feeling at ease while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

When Finnick realized that Noah did not follow them, he turned and said, “Go back yourself.”

Without waiting for a reply, the couple then continued their way.

They strolled along the field with their hands joined together. The couple had finally reunited and had many things to say to each other.

“Vivian, I’m sorry. I should have looked into the matter instead of simply trusting Evelyn’s words.”

Finnick still felt guilty that his failure to investigate back then had caused such a huge mistake.

Although Evelyn was the mastermind behind everything, Noah was still an accomplice. As Vivian’s husband, how could I have fallen so easily into their trap?

This was a terrible oversight and also the main cause of their five-year separation.

“Actually… it’s not your fault alone. I also didn’t handle a lot of things properly.”

Vivian was all ready to forgive Finnick. As soon as she heard his words, she had forgiven him completely.

Despite being unaware of everything that had happened, Finnick was still willing to apologize even though he was essentially a victim too. Vivian felt gratified.

“Oh? Tell me about it.” Finnick could not hide his interest upon hearing that Vivian also wanted to apologize.

“If I’d trusted you then, I wouldn’t have believed that you were in the room with… Then, Evelyn’s plans would never have been successful.”

As she thought back on it, Vivian realized that it was Evelyn’s voice in the room that had caused her to believe that Finnick was cheating on her.

If she had not misunderstood then, things would not have come so far.

“Well, women love to overthink. You’re a woman too, so it’s understandable.” Finnick chuckled as he patted her on the head then took her hand again and continued walking.

“No, we have to confront Evelyn about this. Otherwise, I won’t feel at ease.” Vivian had always been someone who remained civil unless provoked. Since Evelyn had offended her first, she would not hesitate to retaliate now.

However, Evelyn was Finnick’s first love after all. Regardless of how he felt about her now, Vivian felt that it was better to talk things out before Evelyn.

After all, one’s first love was always the most memorable.

Finnick understood Vivian’s intentions and laughed. “You’re not the only one that wants to confront her.”

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