Never Late, Never Away Chapter 773

“What are you confronting her for? That she had tarnished your reputation?” Vivian said jokingly when she noticed that Finnick wasn’t defending Evelyn at all.

“This is unfair! I’m being bullied by my wife and I can’t even fight back?” Finnick could only play the victim card as he was unable to toss Vivian onto the bed and punish her like he always did.

On one hand, it would put a smile on Vivian’s face, and on the other hand, it would help improve their relationship by adding some variety.

However, the two of them went quiet after his mention of the word “wife” and they simply stared at each other in silence.

How long has it been since I called her my wife? They say married couples don’t stay mad at each other for long. We’ve been together for five years now, so we won’t leave each other again now that we’ve made up, right? Well, I believe that’s what we both hope for…

Couples that reconcile with each other tend to be very lovey-dovey, and these two were no exception.

Seeing as the sun was about to set, the two of them held hands as they made their way home, refusing to let go even while Finnick was driving.

“I won’t let go of you ever again,” Finnick said when Vivian reminded him to focus on the road. She could only smile at him in response.

Larry ran over to them the moment they got home while Benedict chased after him telling him to slow down.

“Have you two…” Benedict pointed at their interlocked hands in confusion.

Vivian nodded at him and explained what happened back then.

“As you can see, Finnick was a victim as well.” Vivian knew how worried Benedict was about her, so she filled him in on what Noah told her earlier.

However, she made no mention of Noah helping Evelyn out, which surprised Noah who was listening from the side.

“Yay! Mommy and Daddy are finally back together! I finally have a Daddy!” Larry didn’t really understand what they were saying, but he could get the gist of the situation.

Mommy and Daddy are together now that they’ve cleared up their misunderstandings, and we can all unite as a family at long last! I’ve always dreamed of having a complete family ever since I saw the other kids playing and having fun with their dads. Luckily for me, no one dared to tease me about my lack of a father due to my powerful family background, but none of that matters now that Daddy’s back! On top of that, my daddy is hundreds, if not thousands of times better than those of the other kids!

“That’s right, I’m back!” Finnick said as he picked Larry up and hugged him tightly.

When was the last time I saw Vivian and Larry smiling so happily? I suppose I could let bygones be bygones and forgive Finnick for what happened… To be fair, it was all a misunderstanding on my part, and Finnick wasn’t in the wrong at all… Heck, I feel kind of bad for punching him yesterday… I don’t regret it, though! I wasn’t aware of what truly happened back then at the time, and Finnick is partly to blame for not investigating it thoroughly anyway! Oh, well… I guess we’ll call that punch a punishment for his mistake, then! Benedict thought to himself when he saw how happy Vivian and Larry were. “Vivian, why don’t you bring Larry inside while I chat with Finnick for a bit?”

Vivian figured it was better for them to talk things out and did as told.

“What’s Uncle Benedict going to do, Mommy?” Larry asked when he felt something was off. Uncle Benedict had a really serious look on his face… Will he hurt Daddy?

“They’re just going to have a little chat, little pumpkin. Daddy will be with us in a bit,” Vivian said with a chuckle. Man, kids sure grow up so fast! I sure as heck wasn’t this perceptive to these sort of things when I was his age!

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